Started first grow!

Seeds arrived and I went for it! My chocolope was born about an hour ago! :clap::clap::pray::pray::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I’m feeling pretty good about this, I think we’re going to have a successful :seedling:!

This is my first toe dip into this pond and I’ve been excited and nervous and excited again because hey, it’s a grobo, and scared again because there are still so many possible things that can happen and the more I read, the more of them I wish the box had auto fixes for. :joy:Before it gets cold, I should show you guys why I never garden, ha!!

Today is a lucky day! Not only is today my mom’s birthday (72🎉), today was my daughter’s first OB appointment and she’s expecting twins!!! How could it not be a great day to plant?

:notes: Do you remember? The 21st night of September? :notes: Yes I do! :rofl:


Looks like you did a perfect job starting your seed!
Twins! Congratulations!!! :bomb::dancer::rose:
I had my 52nd bday on the 20th
And yes this is going to be fun! Your first grow and your first grands with your first set of twins!!! So happy for you!!! :eyes::seedling:


Thank you @Bplatinum9!! I’m so excited!!

Happy belated birthday!! :confetti_ball: :tada: :gift: :birthday: I hope it was wonderful!! :hugs::hugs:


Good luck :four_leaf_clover: and have fun…:sunglasses:



I’ve already checked to make sure the pod drips when I lift the lid and is just moist on top (per the app). Figure I should check that every day until she pops, right? and then the top of the pod should start to dry out a little bit, correct?


@Angiebaby You sound like you’ve done your research and on your way to a succesful germination :slight_smile: Excited to watch you grow, and welcome to this great community of people from around the world :slight_smile:


Hey @Angiebaby,

Welcome aboard and congrats! Both @Dani and I are Sept. babies too!

You have the right thinking for your cocopod. It’s a bit of a Goldielocks situation, but you have it correct. You want the entire pod moist until your seed pops up out of the cocopod. Then we slowly dry it out a bit to fight a disease called ‘damping off’. In stage 2 we fill to a lower level to assist. You can make small adjustments to the height of the cocopod once the roots have found the water. We want the top of the cocopod to be dry once the roots are established.

Good luck with your grow, let us know when we can help!



Yay, Happy Birthdays all around then! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

Thanks for chiming in and explaining! :smiley: I love the analogy, and I actually watched the whole video expecting something more than just Goldielocks, :rofl: Oh what fun this is!

:smiley: :smiley:


Lol, that is awesome. I’m not sure that everyone is familiar with the tale, so thought it would help. Australian accent perhaps?



Who doesn’t love an Aussy accent? :heart: :100: And I just learned a new youtube channel that’ll come in handy as a grandma!! :smile: :smile:


@Angiebaby, Your mom, @Bplatinum9, @Stephen, @Dani,

  • (#HappyB-day): :partying_face:



How’s the grow @Angiebaby ??? Do you see life yet!?


Nothing yet. Btw, I’m not hurting the pod by touching it every day checking moistness, am I?

Oh and here are my hardy peonies that come back strong every year no matter how little attention I give them. This year I finally gave them tomato trellises but they still immediately drooped after blooming. Usually I will snip them off, maybe bring some in, at least cut them off after dead and then have a green bush and just trim that down at the end of summer but this year I haven’t done anything. Doesn’t matter, thankfully they’ll be just as strong next year despite my neglect lol. image


No, you should be fine… I would suggest trying to wash your hands if at all possible to avoid contaminants though. I can’t say I haven’t done it a couple of times without washing my hands though… :wink: BUT most people would probably tell you to do so.

Hope your cannabis plant is as resilient as the peonies :slight_smile:


Cheers to that @pyromancy!