Sour Diesel ILGM (Canuk Growth option) 122 day

Lol damn … I love my Yesca!! But I won’t make love to it!!!lol :joy:



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Giving me hope ginsenggg! I also went with ILGM, I’m growing his skywalker Og strain. Only day 3 of germination and I too for my first grobo grow are trusting the process and letting the machine do its thing. Happy to see Zimba looking happy healthy and GREENNNNN!!!


@420chicano They do love music and they have plant music on YT even if its for a few hours daily. I’m working on getting a USB speaker for permanent music. This is my 1st grow since high school so I’m very excited to see that harvest!

@SWSVIC I did play some Chicago for her :heart_eyes:

@SilverGrobo Thank you for the awesome shout out for my Zimba. I will have you know the “clone” she doesn’t like to be called that so I named her Xena has moved out. She is now living near by in a sweet new place!

@ChopJ Just have faith in the system but don’t abandon the system. When the grobo says jump you say how high! That’s the best advise I can give you stay on those water changes and water fills use good clean water. Music makes a difference as well and speaking to her/him because they are alive and get lonely. Start a thread for your plant I would love to follow! (if you haven’t already).

@Farmercuetical, @Todd.grobo @AandM-farms Thanks for the love I will share the love with Zimba and Xena!

Transition (Day 5/14) 8.6

Changed Water RO temp was 77.8 after change 73.5
Temp 72 | Humidity 80

She is looking bushy so I had to get the scissors

Transition (Day 13/14) 8.13

Changed Water RO temp was 78.5 after change 74.5
Temp 80 | Humidity 80

Decided to look at the root and noticed some light brown color is this normal?
It might be the roots got into the vitamin tubes trying to hog up all the nutrients,

About a week ago we welcomed the Clone Army which we are doing it a little bit different.
Xena grew her roots in soil inside a small enclosure , but these guys are rebels.

I hope they grow roots I will keep you updated they are looking spry AF and they already grew new leaves.


Transition (Day 14/14) 8.14

Gave her a little trim I have never done this before I’m LOTJ so any suggestions are welcome.
I removed the water temp to make sure it was not rusting and it looks clean.


I hear you… :+1: I just got my seeds on Tuesday dropped in RO water within 18 hrs tail was showing dropped her in New bio sponge from parker seed and now she just showed her stem. I will update pic. She only 2 days old still a baby. Pineapple express. I just finished a Dosidos grow I didn’t do start to finish because was just trying to make sure she made it thru to harvest. My 1st 2 grows didn’t make it RIP.


RIP plants I failed many times back in college when I tried to grow I mostly failed horribly.

How much did you harvest from the last grow?
I would love to follow the grow of this sweet Pineapple Express (great movie also)

I drink RO water and I have a system built in so if its god enough for me to drink its good enough for my friends!


Haha I will for sure right now we are on day 3 of “please grow roots and sprout li’l baby bud leaf”, will be posting updates whenever she showin’ lmao :slight_smile:

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Harvest came out 41 grams. 1st week of curing down. We tried some out last night was a very good high. Just needs more time for better taste. Burned pretty clean :+1:


Here’s a little picture like stated she was just put into cocopod Wednesday afternoon. I will do a new post once she is actually out and showing sneak peek


Hi! How are the Parker seed bio domes? I bought the suggested size that you recommended but still have to wait to use it. Still on my first grow with GDP. Had to extend early vegetation as she seems to be a slow grower.


Welcome to AG @Ginseng!


Hi so far so good. First time using so hopefully all goes well. She was able to bust out of her shell and push up thru bio sponge. I will update a new post for pineapple express grow once 1st water change comes. Happy growing.


Yeah keep me posted Im having so much fun with this machine that I ordered a new one.
I ordered it and got it 3 days later! I couldn’t believe it!

anyways I will start a new thread once I decide what strain to plant I thought I would have more time but damn Grobo aint messing about!

I’m thinking a haze for my second grow.

@pha720 thanks for the warm welcome!


Nice look forward to watching your grows.



Its all setup now just waiting on the new seeds.
I could plant more SD but whats the fun in that.
For now I have it on these extra tiles incase i get any flooding but I’m going to
build a nice stand and eventually have them both hookup to an automatic drain and fill line.


Flower (Day 3/60) 8.17

Did a Fill with RO water temp was 76.1
Ph 8.5 PPM15

Temp 78 | Humidity 69


Clone update - They grew roots and are killing it I moved another one into its own bucket and the rest should follow soon!

Xena on the left and Liam on the right - ILGM Sour Diesel clones


-it’s really interesting after the transition period u haven’t seen hairs yet?
-roots look slightly brown, how does the Rez smell - with warm Rez temps- an additive like Hydroguard or Uc roots might help your Rez stay clear of bad bacteria and root pathogens

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So there is no smell at all and I took a few more detailed pictures.
The water temp was at 76.1 and I setup some fans to see if I can lower the temp because I’m trying to grow this plant completely dependent on the grobo unless we see something detrimental.

about the transition and hairs I have no idea… I’m on day 3/60 for the flowering do you think this is an issue? Should I put in a ticket?



Technically your plant is chilling even with the roots that color. Hopefully she stops stretching and u start seeing bud development. If u don’t see flowering in a week or 2 - send for support

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