Smudgefam’s first grobo grow

Congrats, good luck on your first grow!


Didn’t realize I posted an old photo!


It looks like the pod is on top of the plant. Should I take it off?

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Yes. Drop a few drops of distilled or RO water on the debris making sure that it is moistened/lubricated and VERY GENTLY coax it off with tweezers or a very steady hand.


Hey thanks man! Worked perfectly


Day 10! We’re cooking with gas, folks!


I think she looks good, haha photo is a bit hazey. If you have a flash on the camera/phone you’re taking photos with it really helps to use it! (You don’t need to use Grobo photo mode if you use camera flash).

She’s ready to start vegging out, love this little girl!

Yeah the doors fucked a little so I hate opening and closing the thing. I take the good photos when I change water and what not lol. I’m psyched tho!


What’s going on with the door, let’s get that bitch fixed!

To close it, I have to lift the bottom so the top latch catches it. Gotta do some reverse magic shit to open the door. Talked to support and they said I can adjust the door up or keep working my magic. I’ll keep working the magic for now :wink:

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I had to adjust my door when I received the unit also. It’s super easy and I believe it to be just the nature of the beast as they include instructions on how to adjust the door in the set up instructions. You’ll thank yourself for doing it!

Oh word! Good to know! One day I’ll try it.

Is it as simple as they make it sound? I haven’t looked into it at all. Too afraid of not getting door to close properly again.

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Yes, it took me less than a minute, and my door was similar to yours prior by the sound of it.

Day 14!

After looking at the door some more, still can’t figure out how adjusting it would latch it closed. Would I take out all 6 (3 top 3 bottom) screws and reset??


I did not completely remove any screws, just tightened and loosened them strategically to get door “balanced” didn’t support send you instructions? Also, if the lock is an issue you can bend the latch on the door up or down so that it latches and releases properly. Just be sure that you don’t bend it upwards too much or it does become very difficult to open back up to bend it back down.

I did, indeed. As follows…

You can unscrew the latch on the inside of the door and move it up a tinsy bit, if you’d like to correct it

I’m going to go take another look at it right now, but am I completely overthinking this?

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It was super easy to balance mine, I think you are over thinking haha. Just adjust the screws on the top and bottom of the door appropriately to balance it out.

Day 17!


Still haven’t figured out how to adjust the door though :frowning: