Slow vegetative growth

Good advice from @Wake - to add, how much trimming has been done on the plant? Each leaf cut in veg takes away from the plant’s ability to grow. During the vegetation stage we want many leaves as they act as the powerhouse for the plant. I like to wait until the box is filled up horizontally and near transition before I start to trim leaves.

Each trim stresses the plant so that could be a contributing factor behind her stunted growth. Was she topped too? That easily adds 1 week or more to veg.

The pH and nute bottles look on point for this far into the grow. No issues there or with your air pump/stone. The roots do look dark and like spaghetti. Any idea what your water temps have been?


No idea. I didn’t know I would need to monitor those as none of the set up info, packaging info, online info nor YouTube videos mention this at all. Nor the need to monitor the temp/humidity inside the box. Only until I reached out on all growers did this get mentioned, by then was well into my grow. But I’ll be correcting this on my end shortly.

I topped the plant at node 5 like the grow vid suggests.

I’ve trimmed to expose the branch tops in an effort to spur growth upward. I won’t trim any more

It’s been about a day since I posted the pic of the roots, Hydroguard was mentioned but I am already using the product. Should I still follow dosing instructions or is there an amount you would recommend?

I actually haven’t seen a suggestion yet on any specific remedy for the roots mentioned.

I’m gonna turn up the heat and discontinue trimming, this so the advice I’ve gathered so far.
Anything to add?

I was referring to the varied links @SilverGrobo left you under the other thread you started named “First Grow Super Silver Haze ILGM.” Those text boxes are links to threads that will help you and a couple refer to root issues. Another is a recommendation to calibrate your sensors which you already did?

I haven’t had root issues because I’m neurotic and set up a system with sensors that automatically adjust air temp, water temp and humidity. Once you get this stuff dialed in, it really starts to get fun.


Ok thanks. I’ll go back and see if I can find those links.

I’m a little confused as to why so much extra hardware and investment is necessary to make this box work well. I’m getting kinda bummed. I’m not going to be able to set up all that extra stuff.

I really like this unit and I think it works well. I hope it works out.

Don’t get bummed out. Plants are like babies. They are alive and growing and have needs they can’t communicate. They get cold, they get hot, they eat what they want when they want and as they grow up they don’t always listen and you have to know how to respond. There is no automation that can visually asses nutrient deficiencies, trim/top/LST/scrog and make schedule adjustments so there will always be a need for human and plant interaction.

I agree, that the premise of a completely “automated box” is a little stretched but this is honestly as close as it gets to automation right now with proper support system. Knowledge takes time and the more I learn the easier it gets. There is a definite learning curve that some don’t make it through but they miss out on all the fun. Stick with it!


Thanks for the input.
Here she is today, looks happy


She is responding to the attention and love.


Here she is this morning. You can see my new gauge in the photo. I think the numbers are a bit more in the range we’ve been looking for.

I’ll post a pic of the roots later today


Looking good. If you can boost the humidity between 50-60% she will be happier but not a must.


Ok I think I’ll get a mist bottle ad go that rout.


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I wouldn’t put any moisture producing device in the Grobo itself but instead put it in the room it is kept. The grobo is packed with circuit boards and wires so not a good idea to put inside or blowing into the back vents which I have seen many times… no bueno. I have a humidifier that runs 24/7 and keeps my extra bedroom right at 57% humidity. I only have to fill it once a day so not too much of a bother.


Doing much better. Thanks for the tips



Wow, sure is! :fist_right:t2::+1:t2:



Going into Transition tomorrow.


Looks like she is growing right on schedule. :+1:t2:


Here she is today. Starting week 2 of flowering


My current plant was the exact same size at that time. Looking good! :+1:t2:


Right on! I’m a little worried she’ll get too big.
Positive problem I suppose:)

Pete Frier

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