Sick tomato, not sure what to do [RESOLVED]

I’ve been growing a Siberian tomato, using the Early Girl recipe, and am on day 72. Last week I noticed some of the lower leaves were yellowed and some were dead. It was just starting to bloom so I thought maybe the plant was just putting more power to the blossoms.
Today it looks AWFUL. More dead and dying leaves, most have yellow spots. The branches are also curling into themselves. I looked all over online and couldn’t find any photos that matched what I’m seeing, so I thought I would throw it to you all.


If you can check the reservoir temp … I’ve been reading plants will show those signs if temp in the reservoir is too hot or cold … also check ph it could nutrient lockout

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Hi @wolfmort,

Please send us a ticket into to enable me to take a peek at your data and get the full picture of what is happening. Siberian tomato eh? Awesome!


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Tomatoes are not fans of a lot of hot direct sun. Will LED lighting resolve that?

Recevoir temp is 78F, I don’t have any way to check for PH balance, unfortunately.

I am using a Grobo, not sure about the lighting system, but tech support is looking into the problem for me. Thanks for the tip, I am also growing tomatoes in soil under a grow light and burn has been a bit of a problem even with LEDs. I’ve solved most of that with changing positions.


Grobo Team is on the Case… :green_thumb:



Support is on the case, but here is my diagnosis for others to learn from.

  1. This seems like Early Blight, which is common in most tomato cultivars. Here and here are reading you can do.
  2. Remove any leaves that have the blight
  3. Spray with a fungicide
  4. Enjoy your tomatoes
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Thanks Stephen!

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