Should I top and remove bottom leafs

Plant is in Mary system

I have a Grobo on order just isn’t here yet :frowning:


Wasn’t real sure because I only saw the outside of Mary before. :pray:

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Here is a update on my Plant now.

It’s 8 inches tall do you think it’s ready to be topped?


Yes it is!


I thought so also thanks

How long do you think before I start removing bottom leaves?

It depends on how fast your plant is growing. If you have a leaf that has more than 50% damage you can get rid of it now. I wouldn’t remove anything from your plant other than topping because it doesn’t have many leaves.


Ok thanks for the help


Here’s an update on my plant everything is looking good I think my next question is when do you think I should switch my lights to 12/12 based on how this plant looks now?


She’s looking awesome! Happy to see the progress! How are things coming along with mixing nutrients and draining/filling the unit with H20?

How’s the unit functionality after a few weeks of use?

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I don’t have anything to compare yet. My Grobo is ordered last I heard it maybe shipping end of next week. But I will try to best to answer your question

The units are being shipped at this time in beta mode and at this time it’s not automatic. They are working and updating app weekly with new functions

  1. Every week I have to get a bucket full with water mix my own nutes.

  2. check your ph and adjust if need this should be daily if you have time

  3. it doesn’t have a built in pump so you have to manual pump your water out.

So that was kind of the negative now this is the good some nice functions it has are

  1. measures your plant height
  2. measures your water height (tank)
  3. has built in Ac and Heat
  4. has temp and humidity reads built in unit
  5. has side lights and top (thinking that’s a plus)

Here is the main page on the app

Any thoughts when you think it will be time to change on lights to 12/12?


I believe lights switch to 12/12 the start of Transition.

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Yes but I’m not sure if my plants are ready to make the switch yet?

Just off the pics I’d leave her in veg for at least another week or two-


Pending her height, let’s say get as close to 15” and then flip her over to 12/12. She’s looking like she’s going to stretch quite a bit. Maybe remove a few of those bigger fan leaves and let her sit in Veg for another week/two at a minimum as suggested above.


Thanks for the tips I will measure her later today and see

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Here is a update on her she is 15 inch tall right now

I have about 20 inches left height before I’m to close to my lights

Should I change my lights to 12/12 or keep her in Veg?

Thanks again


If it were my :seedling: I’d flip her over. Looking like she’s gonna stretch.


I was thinking the same

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So Monday night I switched her to 12/12 my question is when would I start removing some bottom leafs on this plant?


Here is a coupe more pictures from today

Does anybody have any advice on how I should trim this plant?