Should I be worried

Hey All. Should I be worried about the discoloring on leafs :leaves:? This is only on one maybe two leafs. Day 4 of transition. Topped over a week ago, trimming as needed to allow light through. Just had to top off water today. (Took 1 Whole gallon). Using RO water, No extra nutes, Bruce Banner (seed). Current nutes are all @ half gone. (See pic). 1st ever grow.


Your plant looks very healthy and I wouldn’t worry about one or two leaves unless it gets a whole lot worse.
Sometimes a leaf takes all the hard work and sacrifices himself a bit early to help the rest of the plant flourish and maintain ph fluctuations.
I would however clean up the bottom of the plant to keep moisture and bugs at bay.
If this is an auto stick to 20% of the lower bottom removed and if its a photoperiod remove some of the larger fan leaves blocking the bud sites also.


Thank you for the help. :seedling:
Day 42 (6/14 transition). Not sure about the Auto stick or photo.
See photos, should I trim more lower?


Might be a weird question :crazy_face:
Does it matter when you trim… When lights are on/off? Or after lights come back on???
I try to only trim around a water change but other than that…
Bruce is 12/12 now.


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This site is AWESOME!!! :sunglasses:
Thanks everyone for all the help.