Hi Friends!

Forgive me if this has been answered. I’m anxiously awaiting my Grobo and I see I’m in the final assembly, which leads me to believe that I’ll be receiving my unit soon! YAY! SO EXCITE!

With that being said… I’m wondering what the shipping method is like. UPS? FedEx? USPS? (Please not DHL. Please lord anything but DHL.).

Also, will you require a signature? And will the packaging be discrete? I have really nosey neighbors, some of which who are TOO nosey. I’d rather not have a conversation with them about the tomatoes and peppers that I’ll be growing and harvesting with my soon to be Grobo unit!



 Mine is ready.  It was in quality control until this morning.  The unit is likely gonna start it’s first grow Saturday.  I still don’t know what just happened!! I really don’t.
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How long was it in Quality Control for? I think mines been maybe a week, but I don’t really remember when I saw it change.

10 days. It was perfect timing for me.

just curious when did you two order your grobo and what did you pay,

HIya! I was a very early adopter.

I believe my order was back in August of 2016, so I’ve watched the product come a long ways. The original designs were pretty nice, but a bit different than what they are now.

Not sure if this is an indicator of where I am in line, but my original statement said I had Order # 1087. (Not sure if that was just a statement number, or an actual order number, and no clue if that’s number indicates I was in the first-ish 1000 of units. Maybe Bjorn could elaborate on that… would be cool if I got a nice little “Founder” imprint on my unit or something!)

I know I made my purchase at a great discount since I was an early adopter… I believe it was 899. (With a shape date of April 2017 when I pre-ordered).

Lots of great questions here!

Shipping - We ship using FedEx in Canada, DHL in the US (sorry @SterlingNico!!), and are still locking in an international carrier.

Signatures - We do require them for the safety of your Grobo. That said, I believe you can contact the carrier beforehand to let them know you are okay with the package just being dropped.

Discrete? - Other than being a big box, yes the packaging is discrete!

Quality Control - This can often take 1-2 weeks as every Grobo is actually run for an extended period of time. This is the best way for us to ensure that all sensors and systems are operating in a stable and consistent manner.

Order Position - Unfortunately the order numbers are not a perfect indicator of place in line or when Grobos were ordered. That’s one of the reasons it took a while before a complete tracking tool was available. Shipments are being fulfilled based on timing and location. The “Where is my Grobo?” tool on our app is the best way to track your order!

We’re just about there and will begin sharing photos of Grobos in their new homes on our Instagram once we get them!!

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Thank’s for the update Bjorn!

I appreciate your intel and availability! (If you ever need a video guy, I’ll sling you my resume!)

Hoping DHL doesn’t mangle my package! I’ve had tons of problems with them in the past. Will keep my fingers crossed for this go around!

 I was in for $899.  Real early.  

 I was super pumped to learn I was a getting a green thumb from the tech. capital of Canada- Waterloo.  It was the only way I could manage.  That's just me.  I'm not a Guelph Grad, and hell, I used to drive to Waterloo from Scarborough back in the day to get my first 386 PC. So yeah, I was prepared for a push back of the launch date because I knew where it was coming from, and I liked the idea of tech and horticulture all under one roof.

The app added that Amazon feel to the order, and viola, I'm on my way to Waterloo again.  Except this time, its for a Grobo with a rocking chipset.  Booooyyyyy!

Hi @SterlingNico,
did you receive your grobo already? What’s your first impression?
Really interested in first hand reports ans reviews.


Hi Fan!

No… not yet. Still waiting. Been in “Quality Control” since mid January. My ship date still shows Jan - 2018. So maybe my unit failed quality control or something. Not sure. Just hoping I haven’t been forgotten.

Hey @bjorn What’s up with that? Where muh Grobo! I need proof of life! :slight_smile:

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Hey @SterlingNico ,

Sorry for the delay, it’s coming! Your Grobo is sitting by the back door but we haven’t released the shipment yet. While most Grobos have arrived safely, one of the first systems sent to the US sustained considerable damage in shipping and the wood top was broken clean off.

Last week we held all shipments, reinforced our packaging, conducted drop tests and on Friday we shipped 6 Grobos in our reinforced packaging. Three of them arrived today so by Wednesday we should have confirmation that they all arrived intact and can begin shipping again!

You will notice that we are now including Shockwatch Impact Indicators on the boxes as well. If it’s red when your Grobo arrives, then it experienced a severe impact and you want to note that down when you accept the shipment.



That’s that DHL for ya!

Woo hoo! Very excited to know it’s soon in my hands! Also glad to know you’re improving the shipping methods! Will keep an eye out for sure! Hmmm… maybe I’ll do my own unboxing video!

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Sounds great, we would love if you filmed an unboxing video!

Holy crap, I seriously think I might cry right now.

That’s been a hell of a year and a half. And now… my watch has ended! (GoT References anyone?).

Super stoked right now.
Thank you @bjorn! I seriously can’t wait to start playing around with this thing! I’m way to excited right now!! I can’t imagine what it’s like to build a product that’s so revolutionary, nor can I imagine the satisfaction of seeing your 18+ Months of hard word come to fruition. I’m sure your stress in those months were far greater than mine in waiting… can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next!! (After maybe a small vacation.)


Woot woot!!! This has been four years in the making and we can’t wait to hear what you think of Grobo!

Thanks again for your support!

Just thought I would update the community with some positive news. My unit is now in Final Assembly! The excitement is starting to build and this is all becoming a reality. Truly looking forward to receiving my Grobo Unit soon!


@Rich @SterlingNico what are guys planning on growing first? Can u guys update the community as much as possible. Can’t wait to see and hear about experiences :grin:

@Long I’ll be posting as much as possible once my unit arrives. The anticipation is absolutely killing me at this point. Lol. I check the status daily and I’m just waiting to see it in that QC status and receiving my email that it’s ready to ship!!! Only a few more day’s, I’m hoping!

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Looking forward to it Rich. What strain are you planning on growing @Rich first? :grin: