Shipping dates for Grobo

Hi Grobo friends and higher ups!

I was just wondering if the April ship date is set in stone. I know pre-orders can sometimes fluctuate, so I’m just wondering what the outlook is. Any chance it will be pushed back? ::crossing my fingers it’ll actually be shipped sooner, but I won’t hold my breath on that.::

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Hey SterlingNico,

We are doing our best to ship as soon as possible! Our biggest problem is that every time we grow plants they take about 2-3 months to complete the experiment so we won’t be able to ship much earlier. It is possible that this date is pushed back slightly, but more importantly we will be shipping in the order that customers purchase in, so the earlier you order the earlier you receive your Grobo! :slight_smile:



Hi Bjorn,
Will the Grobo have any bottom anchor points for cannabis growers who want to use Low Stress Training?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your interest and great point! We are looking at several little additions including anchor points for training, a scrog net and support to hang and dry your precious buds once complete.


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Um… what’s the scrog net? Asking for a friend. :grin:

Great question! Scrog stands for SCReen Of Green. It’s basically a tool that you can use to maintain an even canopy. Think large screen, almost like a tennis net hanging above your plant that allows you to ‘train’ the growth as it passes through the screen. Max yield tip!

Hi guys.

It’s been a while since there’s been updates on the shipping dates.
Can you tell if it’s still april 2017, the first batch is shipped?

Thank you.

Hi Sorenj,

Thanks for your interest in Grobo! We are on schedule to begin shipping the worlds first Grobo One’s in April, yes. You can always sign up for our newsletter for monthly updates here.


Hi Stephen, I missed the pre-ordering so far. I guess then that I don’t have a chance to get a grobo from the first batch. What are your current plans for the 2nd batch?

Hi Thomas,

No worries, we are opening up the second batch of Grobo One’s for sale this spring!

And when would they potentially ship?

Found it in the FAQ. Should have taken a look there first.

August feels like the far distant future.

August will be here before you know it! We want to get you growing as quickly as possible and are hard at work to make that happen.

Hi guys,

I know Grobo is getting ready to ship to some. Any updates on the anchor points or the scrog net?

Hey Matt,

Great question.

The Grobo will ship with the necessities (Carbon filter, nute bottles, Coco pods) and things like anchor points, scrog net, watering container, camera, etc are all accessories that will be offered after the 1st batch ships.

Watering container as an additional feature? How works automatic watering without a watering container?

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But I thought it came with an auto watering feature, does grobo come with arms to use that watering container? :rofl:

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Lol, good point.

I guess we are asking for a little interaction with the Grobo, as you will have to fill it with water to start. It will take over from there and ‘automatically’ water and dose for you. You will be prompted if more water is needed or a reservoir change is required. That’s when your arms come into play. :blush:

hi guys

will it be posible to connect the Grobo’s water inlet, to the home watering system and by that to eliminate the necessity of adding water?