Shining Silver Haze - RQS

Newest grow :grinning:

Day 8 of germination. Had to give a little support. The seed popped on day 5 and had to remove the hull.

Day 22 Early Vegetation (Day 12 of 14) A little pH issue showing in the leaves. Not absorbing the calcium. @Stephen to the rescue! Kudos dude :+1:

Day 27 Late Vegetation (Day 3 of 14) Fifth node showing some spacing.

Topped. At this point I’ve extended Late Vegetation one week for recovery time


Update. Sativa, gotta love 'em :heart:

Day 34-Late Veg Day 10 of 28

Day 37-Late Veg Day 13 of 28. Gave her a second topping

Day 50-Transition Day 1 of 14

Day 54-Transition Day 5 of 14. A little lollipopping

Day 64-Flower Day 1 of 59. She’s grown about 5-6 inches during transition. I extended late vegetation a total of 2 weeks


Looks great @coffindancer :muscle: loving the double top. Question for you, when did you make your first top cut?

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Day 27, Late veg day 3 of 14. She actually started growing the 6th node. Waited for some spacing between nodes 4 and 5 so that the combination of my fat fingers and poor eyesight wouldn’t mess it up :rofl:


Haha I got you! Great work, looking forward to seeing your yield after double topping. May do so on my next grow.


Update photos

Day 69 Flower (Day 5 of 59) Had to supercrop. Next time I grow this particular strain, I wont extend late veg at all.

Day 85 Flower (Day 22 of 59). I’m really impressed with this seed from Royal Queen :+1:


Hell yes, you’re crushing it with the Royal Queen genetic and nice work with super cropping the other, hopefully she stops stretching for you soon.


:sob: Day 115 Flower (Day 52 of 59) Bleeping mold!! Removed 2 buds I could see had mold, Trimmed fan leaves, moved stems around for more even spacing of canopy and removed carbon filter to get more air circulating. Will look at battery powered fan for future grows. To be this close, really is a pisser, eh?

Day 115 Flower (Day 52 of 59) mold 2 Day 115 Flower (Day 52 of 59) mold

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Damn! It really sucks to see mold like that, sorry for your loss! Do you happen to know what the humidity (rH%) was like throughout your grow?

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For the entire grow to date, RH has averaged 54%. The last 3 weeks, 67%

Looks like spider mites, either way do you have some neem oil?

Canopy before and after trim


Harvest. Got 43 grams but not for my mistakes, I would have more weight. Mistake one I’ll blame on old eyes. While trying to trim fan leaves, I cut two branches instead :sob: Mistake two was noobish. Not thinning the canopy after stretch to allow more air circulation led to some mold. Lost two very heavy buds. For future grows, I have added two USB AC Infinity S7 fans that rest on top of the reservoir cover.



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