Seedling Problems Gorilla Glue Fem

Hello All - I posted recently. I am on day 10 of my growth and the seedling has not popped above ground.

Should I start over? I germinated another seed over night last night in water.

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Have you removed the top you covered the seed with and looked inside. Sometimes they loop up


Yeah a few days ago and it looks like its breaking but not doing much…

Can you untangle and pull the top out gently with tweezers? If not toss the pod out and throw your seed in and start over. Dont forget yo clean your sensors.

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See they can recover easily if you help em out.


Ill try that. Do i need to use a new cocoa pod?? Cant I use the same one since nothing is happening?

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You can do what you want. I suggest against it. Consider your new plant is 5 days to harvest and the previous seed below rots and kills your plant. Too many variables. I rarely reuse pods



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