Seed Sale

Need some seeds? I’m not affiliated with this seed bank in anyways but they have a 30% off sale so if you need some now’s a good time to grab some. Ends July 20.


Is that your go too site for seeds? What about I
Upper north Canada?

I am finding a lot of the American sites have malicious files running off the website so trying to avoid them.

Hey ToddYYC, I got a recommendation to use them. With that being said I’ve only made one purchase from them and payed via PayPal. Transaction went flawless and I even spoke via email with them and recieved quick responses. Maybe some others can chime in?

I’m new to the seed world all my past growing experiences have been with clones. Id like to try using clones with Grobo as there are many positives by using clones but requires extra work for the grower to nurture the clone indepently while current plant is in bloom.


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True North Seed Bank is my go to seed bank. They offer a huge selection of breeders, good prices and awesome customer service. 1st time Grobo users get a 25% off discount. They are a Canadian company. (Not able to combine with other offers, they always have something on sale).



Hey @Stephen,

I’ve got some seeds but would like to take you up on that 25% off for future use. How do we get the code?

Ohh and please thank the Grobo team for me, it was Christmas in July for me today and 3 months ahead of schedule!



Oh Yeah! Now the fun really begins. Just shoot me an email and I’ll forward you the code to use at checkout.