Seed Sale / Coupon

Here’s another emailer from my dispensary. This time it’s for a seedbank I’ve not used before. They got some serious kick ass strains there and if I didn’t have a big backup of seeds to grow I’d be all over this.

It appears to be in Canadian funds (not sure) with better shipping costs thenTrueNorth. I can’t give any personal backing for these guys but my dispensary is legit, it’s how I found out about Grobo. :+1:

Anywhoo read the details below and check out some of these unique strains at the very least. :point_down:

Coupon Code: NextGen
10% Off
10 Free Regular Seeds.



I’ve seen this place on Instagram before from some reputable people on ig ?? I dunno could be legit

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Dunno if IG is legit, but the dispensary I deal with who had this code and advertisement are legit. Hope that makes sense. :joy:

Thanks for sharing @azuri it’s a long cry from the 50 % true north was just giving. Maybe I should be growing all males and selling the seeds lol

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I hear you. Paying in USD for us and the shipping charges are a bit steep for Canada Post, just saying.

If someone orders I would love to know it it’s in CAD since their shipping is also 1/2 the price.

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Got to love a seed sale… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb::money_mouth_face:

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