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I will soon start to grow my first plant and noticed, that all the recipes I checked are seeds, that are not available in most of the local stores here.
Do you guys have some recommendations or tips?

My Idea would be to check most of the strains that sounds good to me and if there are not buyable here, then I would buy a Auto Seed of a plant with a similar or shorter growing time than the recipe

Is that a stupid idea? got some experience?

Thanks and kind regards,
Saltyy :slight_smile:


Here is a really nice internet site to find what you are looking for.
It is in Canada, i don’t know if they deliver world wide…
But i know the search engine of there catalogue is really nice

You can look by type (Indica, Sative, hybrid and everything in between)
By size (nice to find a small or medium size plant)
By flavour and by level of THC / CBD
Even if they already won a prize like Cannabis Cup

Some other grower have had success with Auto, maybe they can give you more advice

From what I have seen so far, photoperiod give you a lot more control to get the result your are looking for in the Grobo limited space

Regarding the recipe, a Generic one will do

For Photoperiod
You will normally have 1
10 days of Seeding phase
14 days of Early Veg
14 days of Late Veg (this is here you will want to decide if you extend before you switch to flower producing)
14 days of Transition (this is where the lights are limited to 12 hours a day)
As many days as necessary of Flower Stage
(this is where the Grobo dispense the most nutriment)
During this period, you will need to add water during the week

And finally, Flush phase
Here you want your Grobo to be in Flush phase, then you drain your reservoir and refill it. This time, Grobo will not dispense any nutriment, leaving your plant empty all the extra it still have. This will produce a better taste

For Auto
It is a bit similar, but your light will stay on 20 hours daily until they end (or something like that) and your plant will decide when its time to start flowering… maybe too early (you have a very small plant), maybe too late (the plant become bigger than the box) or just in time

If you add picture of your grow, you will see many people coming to comment and give advice. This should really help your first grow


You can always check out seed banks. here’s a thread on some verified seed banks by forum users.


<3 that thread. Let’s keep updating it! @FireGuy and I will both be growing Elev8 on our next grow, and I am just finishing out my last four RoyalQueenSeeds.