Second Grow or Monster Cropping

Hi @Stephen,

Wanted to explore what to expect after we harvest our first grow and look to begin a second grow on the same plant? How does the recipe adjust to the plant? Do we take the exact same approach as we did with the first grow (are the recipes built to adjust over grows of the same plant), or will the application at that point allow us to make slight variations in the lighting schedule, nutrient dosage, etc.?

Very interested in learning a little more regarding how many grows we can look to pushing out of a plant. In your testing what is the longest you’ve worked with one plant? Personally, if we can I’d like to achieve (4) grows. Again, not sure this is possibly, but I’d like to learn this plant as much as I can.



Hi Rich,

I’m not sure I understand your question. You will take down the entire plant when harvesting, a new seed will need to be placed into a new coco pod, and another recipe selected. You can select the same strain, and grow it out again using the same recipe. I’m not opening up spectrum or nutrient dosing yet, but we are working on ways to allow the user to offer feedback for recipe tweaks. We are also beginning work on allowing the user to add or subtract days to the grow, towards the end, as harvest approaches.

Each grow is one plant, the plant is completely harvested and another seed or cutting is started.


Hi Stephen,

Please excuse my ignorance, the confusion comes from my misunderstanding that we weren’t able to continue a grow with the same plant. Has this been attempted in your testing, was there any positives and disadvantages you experienced?

Will the tweaks be similar to a ticket submission? Also, what options will be made available for us to adjust? Looking forward to all the updates!

Thank you as always!

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No worries, I’m constantly learning new things! What you are referring to is a procedure called ‘Monstercropping’. You can read a bit about it here. Re-Vegging Cannabis ("Monstercropping") | Grow Weed Easy I’ve had a couple experiences with it, but it’s not something I recommend. The plant reacts badly and the leaves all morph into strange looking shapes.

The recipe tweaks are all time based, allowing the user to pull the flush (10 days w no nutes) up and end sooner or push the flush back and give yourself a bit more time before harvest. Once the user makes these adjustments, the system remembers and makes the adjustment for the next grow.