Roots 101

I’m around day 20 of my grow. I noticed a bit if orange film in the bottom of the plastic housing. I quickly freaked as I know orange slime mold kills plants. But, after looking at my last nutrient bottle, I found out that’s where it is coming from.

However, my plant has made me fill it three times and it always filled to the high fill line. Now its starting to smell a little musty, and I’m getting a little green algae on the top of my husk.

Green is ok, orange is the no no.

But from this my roots have only grew a few inches below the husk and stopped.

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I would @Stephen with this kind of question

Oh for sure, he is the man with the green hands.


@Tendo_Glass I can’t remember, but had you ever had a problem with the aerator not working before they pushed out the fix for it?


I did! And i had a issue with the fan but both where resolved.

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@Tendo_Glass I’m just wondering if during that time when the Aerator/fan wasn’t working if that opened the door for some bacteria to start breeding in there.
I’ll let @Stephen still chime in, but it sounds like that could have been the window of time when that happened.

Not sure how to get rid of it other than cleaning the tank out and possibly trimming off the roots that show signs of the orange. Assuming it’s not all of the roots.

I had some temperature damaged roots that were brown/slimy that I recently had to trim and my plant is doing just fine now. But it was only appx %25 of what was there in total.


@Tendo_Glass if you have any pictures of this problem that would help us out greatly

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I know pics would help, but meh phone is rekt lol. I belive it is just the nutrients from the last bottle. I used distilled water and my roots are white but there is a little orange on some of them. But they look healthy and the plant itself seems happy. I really only noticed it after the 5th bottle started pumping it out.

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Morning Tendo_Glass,

Please submit a ticket through if you are struggling with your grow. Then I can assess your full picture and offer assistance. Starting off without a bubbler is tough, but can be overcome as several growers here can attest.

In general… yes our #5 nutrient bottle is a bright orange, and your reservoir lid can develop a bit of an orange tinge on the bottom. You may see a bacteria bloom on the top of the coco pod, which is actually by design. The coco pod manufacturer uses beneficial bacteria to assist your plant in germination and early stage life. If you have had an invasion into your reservoir, you can drain and wipe it out with a vinegar water mix. Rinse the sides well and sponge out the bottom. Fill it back up and you are good to go.

Hope that helps,


Not struggling at all! You and your team keep it all moving like a well oiled machine! This was more of I think I know, but i dont know lol.