Root rot question

Thank you for that!! All of the info, it’s great. It seems like such a silly question now too about leaving things in their original bottles, hearing someone else talk about it.
I appreciate the info about the peroxide as well, very helpful!!

Yes, I’m certain I killed off good bacteria, which I knew ahead of time was going to happen… I just didn’t realize I had such a host of good bacteria in there!

What’s the minimum distance you recommend keeping Grobo away from the wall? 9" is the best I can manage as long as she’s still in my room. The piece of furniture she’s on gives me about 6" to stand behind her if I need to.

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I only have about 2 hands width away from the wall you should be good.

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if you can get the cocoa pod a little higher up so it’s not so close to the water, that will help the dampening issue too.


Thank you! I’ve been wanting to do that @The_Reverend. I finally did so this morning as the pod was starting to feel pretty wet again after feeling pretty good the last couple of days. I will update pics in a bit. I alternate computer/phone and I tend to keep pics on phone most of the time. lol, right now I’m on the computer. :wink: Her leaves are perking up a little more maybe- showing a little more light green, but I had a few dead ones on res lid this morning. :frowning:

Dead leaves, you say? Yikes…

What is your PH level? And the PPM?

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I have done it to all my plants with no adverse effects. I go by if any of the roots have emerged from the pod, it is anchored enough. I press on the edges of the pod, not close to the stalk, and obviously I don’t press too hard. It shouldn’t take much pressure to get a lot it excess water out.

I would never recommend something I haven’t successfully tried myself. You will find many greatly varied opinions on techniques. Stick to the ones tried and true.

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I don’t know those answers, I’m sure support would alert me if they were off though!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy: :rofl:

You can get one of each meter for about $20. They are worth their weight in gold. You are essentially flying blind without them.

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Your not going to like what I have to say… I have saved 2 plants from root rot in the past but I will no longer try to save any plant with root problems… I have found they never seem to be as strong after they recovered… Plus the time it took for them to recover I would have been better off to start a new plant… (and at least it will be 100% healthy)

Just a different spin on the topic :cry:


You aren’t wrong.


I have no doubt that pushing down on your pods to remove excess water has worked for you.
@Angiebaby situation is different because her stalk was dying in which I suggest not to push down on the pod.
Not suggesting this method without testing its theory.


I have had dampening off issues and managed to keep them under control by doing this as well as adding a fan blowing directly on the base of the stalk. The airflow might be enough, but if not, then you can always try pressing some water out.


For sure! I just wouldn’t recommend it.


True. But if it’s that or losing the plant, might as well go be it a try. But honestly, I do this frequently. I just don’t do it until the roots pop out from the pod. I worried the first time I did it, scared to death I was going to uproot the plant or crush the young roots. But it didn’t. Just be gentle.


Question: Are you doing this inside a Grobo?

No. I have an RDWC set up, but I use the same type cocoa pod medium.

So do you use the grobo pod size?

Yes. I used Rapid Rooter plugs which should be the same size.

Pics from today

They’re reverse order from this afternoon to this morning. I only found two leaves in the trash. It seems like she was actually perkier at 8:30 this morning than now.


@Bplatinum9 I want to apologize if I came off as combative. I sincerely didn’t mean to. I don’t blame you at all for not recommending a technique you haven’t ever tried. I did not mean to contradict your thoughts or opinions and if I did, you have my apology.

@Angiebaby I have to say the yellowing is concerning, especially on the later growth. I see your water temps are ok at the moment. However, without knowing the pH level or TDS reading, it’s really going to be difficult to pinpoint what’s going on.

The TDS meter will tell you how many Parts Per Million of dissolved nutrients are available in the water (basically, the higher the PPM the higher the concentration of available nutrients). However, the nutrients can only be absorbed by the plant at certain pH levels. For instance, if you get much below pH of 5.9, you will lock out Calcium. This chart shows you what nutes are available at what pH levels.

The reason this is important is because some of what your plant is showing might be certain nutrient deficiencies, which could be caused by pH being out of whack, or there just aren’t enough nutrients in the solution…or the roots could be rotting. All of these things could cause what you are seeing.

Also, if you are still fighting the dampening off issue, the Xylem (carries water) and Phloem (carries protein and sugars) might not be transporting water and nutrients properly to the branches, causing the same type of issue.

all in all, cannabis is pretty hearty and not terribly fussy. I think that perception has been slightly skewed on here due to the amount of problems people are seeing, and lots of folks think this is a major challenge. It really shouldn’t be if you know what to monitor and take the time to gather the info. Other than that, it’s going to be a flip of the coin.

At this point, I think you are on a slow downward spiral and just wasting resources on something that can’t be saved in its current state.