Root rot question

So do you use the grobo pod size?

Yes. I used Rapid Rooter plugs which should be the same size.

Pics from today

They’re reverse order from this afternoon to this morning. I only found two leaves in the trash. It seems like she was actually perkier at 8:30 this morning than now.


@Bplatinum9 I want to apologize if I came off as combative. I sincerely didn’t mean to. I don’t blame you at all for not recommending a technique you haven’t ever tried. I did not mean to contradict your thoughts or opinions and if I did, you have my apology.

@Angiebaby I have to say the yellowing is concerning, especially on the later growth. I see your water temps are ok at the moment. However, without knowing the pH level or TDS reading, it’s really going to be difficult to pinpoint what’s going on.

The TDS meter will tell you how many Parts Per Million of dissolved nutrients are available in the water (basically, the higher the PPM the higher the concentration of available nutrients). However, the nutrients can only be absorbed by the plant at certain pH levels. For instance, if you get much below pH of 5.9, you will lock out Calcium. This chart shows you what nutes are available at what pH levels.

The reason this is important is because some of what your plant is showing might be certain nutrient deficiencies, which could be caused by pH being out of whack, or there just aren’t enough nutrients in the solution…or the roots could be rotting. All of these things could cause what you are seeing.

Also, if you are still fighting the dampening off issue, the Xylem (carries water) and Phloem (carries protein and sugars) might not be transporting water and nutrients properly to the branches, causing the same type of issue.

all in all, cannabis is pretty hearty and not terribly fussy. I think that perception has been slightly skewed on here due to the amount of problems people are seeing, and lots of folks think this is a major challenge. It really shouldn’t be if you know what to monitor and take the time to gather the info. Other than that, it’s going to be a flip of the coin.

At this point, I think you are on a slow downward spiral and just wasting resources on something that can’t be saved in its current state.


To to give you some insight, here was my stalk when it was dampening off.

Nov 15

this is where it was when I discovered the issue. I realized I didn’t have a fan blowing directly on the stem, so I put my 10" oscillating fan on high aimed directly at the base. I dropped the water levels to about 6 inches below the roots and pressed out the water from the pod.

Nov 16
The next day, everything was better

Nov 19
I kept an eye on the stem and the moisture of the pod for a few days but it stayed dry and the plant had no further issues. Especially after I added Armor Si

Nov 20


Nov 22



Nov 28

Nov 30

Minutes ago


The Blue Dream plant I grew right before this one also had dampening issues, very similar to this one (due to cocoa pod being too absorbent, which I have now figured out how to fix).

This is how she turned out

Wet weight, the plant was 50 lbs. All in all, she ended up with over 1/2 lb of usable buds (half of which was turned into infused oils)


I’ve done a lot to her over the last 4 days, and expected some nutrient burn to occur as a result along with some stress, but as you said, cannabis is fairly resilient as it is.

So far, each trim, etc, it’s like she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I mean, I had my stressful moments during germ, but in veg she’s pretty much stayed pretty until now. I’m growing amnesia haze, which is supposed to be “not for beginners”.

She’s had an extra drain/fill over the course of the week so that will account for some of the burn.

The lower burn I accredit to the fan running constantly on low vegetation.

I calibrated Grobo’s pH meter a couple of weeks ago and cleaned them both well, cleaned them once over on Thurs.

I’ve noticed some leaves seeming very dry, papery, lacking in water as well, and those are the ones that really worry me. Not sure if those are the ones turning yellow and dying or not. If there’s been a water uptake issue? But again, damping seems to be improving… And then there’s the fact that she perked up a little, showing that she’s obviously drinking.

You’re right, I guess I’m lost without knowing that information. And even if support did release it like we’re all arguing for, the info they would tell us would say “within range”, and wouldn’t necessarily be reliable. Mine was within range and still needed calibration…


Get yourself a TDS/EC meter and a pH meter. Measure them yourself.

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Not sure why you have the impression that I didnt want to recommend a technique because I havent ever tried it!
I have had this experience in my grobo which is how I am aware of the consequences.
There is no reason why we can’t both offer advice which is what allgrowers is about.
Its up to the person taking the advice, to use there best judgement or experiment with advice given.
She can try both ways and let us know what the outcome was.
Apology accepted.


I think I just misunderstood what you said…or something. I definitely didn’t want to come off like I know for certain. I’m still learning as I go as well. :slight_smile:


very nice!


The rapid rooter plugs are made of peat by the way. They will retain a lot more water than the coco pods we are using in grobo.

The ones we use are similar to the larger park seed co bio dome pods. They’re not that easy to find alternatives for (that are actually made of coco) and most pods from other companies are made of peat.


So many smart people on the forums i love it haha


Now I’m curious how these Cocoa Coir Starters would work. I was looking for an alternative to the Rapid Rooters that was less spongy, but I’m not crazy about rockwool. This might be the in between I’m looking for. Thanks for pointing me in this direction, you may have solved my problem.

Follow up

I just ordered some actual Cocoa Coir pods to try my for my next grow. Anything has to be less spongy that those Peat Moss plugs.


Here is a mix


Can you show us how you have ur chiller set up please

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Sorry @LeoneForte444, I didn’t see this.

The chiller is sitting just outside the tent. I have 3/4 inch fittings/hoses attached and a 250 GPM pump connected. All the fittings are T style fittings except the one on the reservoir. It only needs an in the way I have it set up.

This shows the hose going from the water pump (submersible) which is inside the Reservoir Bucket pumping the water into the Chiller. The line goes through the port in the tent…


This shows the chiller, water comes in from the hose on the right, and returns from the hose on the left ![IMG_20201227_112856_808|432x500]!

The hose from the return side of the chiller goes back into the tent through the port and connects to the left side of the 3/4 inch T connector of the grow site bucket.
You can see the yellow top of the hose clamp connecting the return hose to the left arm of the T fitting.

Here you can see both sides of the 3/4 T fitting. This picture also shows the single straight fitting going into the Res. The hose coming off the right arn of the 3/4 T fitting is going from the grow site bucket and returning the water to the Res where the pump in located.


Both my tents are set up exactly the same.
Hopefully this helps.


I don’t have a tent yet but this definitely helps

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Hey bro did u ever sell ur grobo

No not yet