RIP Amnesia Haze, lived about 11 weeks, will be missed

She’s growing, looking good :+1:


Okay just when I think damping off color seems better, I mean… comparatively speaking the color has been improving. If you’ve noticed, it was particularly darker on the right side and somewhat darker in front as well.

The side seems to be doing so much better, the gaping hole at the very bottom that looked like something was coming out of it has pretty much closed, leaving almost like a water stain above it.

It’s been staying dark in the front and last night I was blotting and gave the coco right there a little push down. I found a very pale stalk below with two more apparent holes.

This paleness seeming more positive than negative, I continued to set my fan and tonight it looks much sadder.

You can see that she appears to be losing stability now at the base even though the holes appear a bit better. Zoomed out you can also see the entire stalk up to topping point.

Roots look a bit dark in this pic but they’re great, very creamy, stiff (that’s good, right?), and plant looks good.

Wondering if I should cover the spot back up? What to do?! Weds will be 4 weeks in late veg.

All help is appreciated!

@Dani I’m planning on creating a ticket in the morning but tagging you so maybe you’ll see this first- I’m not too quick in the am ya know :rofl:


I think keeping the spot uncovered will only add to the airflow and less wet coco touching it, I can’t imagine it would hurt?

She still seems okay, fighting through it!

I just found some damping issues starting with my plant too I think :confused: Boy…

That late vegetation water fill doesn’t help at all when it comes to a dry pod.

If you’re talking about the little limp she has going on, I don’t really know if that’s caused by the bottom of the stalk or not, but it seems like she just chose to grow that way kinda? Has it been like that for awhile?

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Do you mean how she angles to the right where all the growth starts? Easy answer,m- my early training. I only did it for a few days but it stuck! First the lean went toward the back when I stopped but a as she lost vegetation below all that’s left on the right of the plant now is one top lol! When I pull that top over, it always looks like a more even plant too.

Oh boy what’s happening now? I opened grobo tonight and saw 2 wet spots on a leaf, only they’re not wet!! They feel totally dry! Any ideas?

Also this. Could I have TMV? Well sure. I smoke. Have seen curved tips on leaves from pretty much the beginning. But I also stole a leaf from near this spot earlier today so could it also be maybe taking nutrients?

And latest picture of stem.

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Never seen faux wet spots like that. :disappointed_relieved: overall, looking great as a plant 🪴 Sorry you are having the difficulties :green_heart:

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Totally trippy.

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Day 29/35 LV/ day 52 overall.

Well Danielle could only really confirm damping off and offer support whether I decide to stay in veg or flip. I decided to stay in veg a little longer to see if I can’t beat this thing and to try some proactive measures.

On a side note, I performed these things yesterday morning/afternoon between having Mohs surgery while numb. Thank goodness I did it numb because I didn’t feel like doing anything last night!!! :pleading_face::sob:

Right, so @miami5th recommended an h2o2 treatment on the stem and pod, and while no slime or bad smell, roots looking bit darker than creamy plus a little twisted- if not needed yet did prophylactic h2o2 treatment on them as well. During root soak, did thorough cleaning of reservoir.

Pics of clean res, roots coming out of peroxide, plant back inside, ahhh, pod and stalk today and plant tonight.

Today, even through all this damping, is the first time she’s looked so droopy in I don’t remember when! I’m hoping tomorrow morning she’ll be perky again. The only other thing I did was only fill to the 2nd fill sensor. This seemed to be keeping pod dry very well but when plant looked so droopy this morning I tried topping her off and pausing and I’m sure many of you know or can guess how well that worked, lol. With everything put back together, it’s tricky to do without a reboot. This evening around 7, still droopy. I caved like she was a crying baby wanting to be held and let her drink her fill as the pod still felt dry. 3 hours later, 4 hours later, still droopy, but good news is pod still feels good!

Fingers crossed I see praying leaves again in the morning!


Good idea to stay in late veg until she recovers and her issues are resolved. These coco pods are susceptible to damping off. The new peat pods look shorter than the coco pods so I’m hoping the peat will help mitigate the issue.



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Yes, I had to replace bottle 5 before 3 and 4 but they’re all dispensing! :smiley: Thank you!!


I haven’t updated in quite a while. Been through many ups and downs, thought I’d make it, but didn’t. I planted 10/16 and have been extending late veg since I got there. Time of death, 72 ish days. Cause of death, temperature shock. Moved my grobo into a cooler room and after doing so the vent in the room became accidentally closed causing the temps to drop extremely low in the res overnight. Found and fixed after a couple of nights but too late, she never recovered.

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Sorry for your loss :cry:


@Angiebaby after reviewing this thread, I think you’ll have a better chance with your next run if you moved your backup airstone to the side of res instead of the middle. It looks like you had way too much aeration for this stage of growth, resulting in a over saturated cocopod (always try to keep the distance between the water line, the roots and the cocopod in mind ).

I would move the airstone next to the water line sensor levers to the right of the res would be a good spot, this will also prevent the roots from getting stuck onto the levers.

Try keeping your air pump on low until your water line is to the mid level or lower, or avoid using the backup air pump until she hits early veg.


Man the roots were already starting to twist and look like they have eczema in this picture.

I see it’s too much bubbles now, even though they’re small, I will definitely keep it turned down to start.
Lately I’ve been trying to keep 2nd stone wedged between plastic water sensor cover and left back side of res, as roots insisted on going to left.

The other trouble I’ve had with trying to move it around is the hose then getting into the res and in the way. I’ll mess with it while it’s empty and get the hose behind the res over there and hopefully it won’t pinch after fill. :crossed_fingers:

Wish I had my gopro that my son lost in the ocean :angry: then I could stick that sucker inside the res and know for sure!!!

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My roots were all tangled like crazy by the time I finished. It was one solid piece of foam. I wouldn’t worry about it getting tangled so much since you shouldn’t be messing with the roots too much as light hurts them.

Its okay to turn your air pump up once the roots get bigger (like around early flower) since it acts like a shield between the water line and coco pod.


Juust Now Saw This Thread… A Lil Too Late… But My Pod Was Moist And I Saw Discoloration To My Stem. What I Did Was Push Up The Pod And Cut Off About An Inch Or Half In. Whatever I Could Spare On The TOP. Seemed To Help… For Next Time, I Guess…


I believe Angie had root rot previously followed by damping off. could have been too much back to back stress closely together.



One hell of a fight you had with her. You are gonna be so prepared for your next grow it’s gonna be unreal though!


:hugs: Thank you