Revive, Recharge, Hydroguard

Hello everyone,
I just lost my first growth to dumping off.
This time I’d like to start a new growth the right way.
I just ordered Revive, Hydroguard and Recharge and have been reading about dosage inseveral different posts.
It would be great if anyone could clearly spell out the following:

-Dosage for full tank and half tank for each of the Recharge, Hydroguard and Revive

  • Measures to take when humidity in the grobo goes out of hand
    -Measures to take when temperature goes out of hand in the grobo
  • Measures to take when water temperature goes out of hand

Maybe @Stephen could help? I know it’s a lot to ask but it would be great to have all the info in one post.




(Although [Hydro Guard], [Revive], [Recharge] will help your roots explode. Apply all three to
save plant and Root System…

**(Hydroguard): from Botanicare to ward off any root rot concerns with the warm reservoir.


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@Osage might you be able to lend a little advice on this? I too am using these items and would love to know what dosage and time schedules have been deemed successful by expert growers!

I am currently dosing my reservoir with 6 mL of hydroguard and 2.5 mL of Recharge, thoroughly mixed in with 3 gallons of RO water at each fill. I cannot speak to any benefits or detriments as of yet as I am only 8 days into the grow. Any additional intel would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey m8, I have never used hydroguard. But as far as recharge, I use it as a regular supplement at 1ml per liter so 11ml for the three gals. Recharge I also use religiously at 1/2 tsp per gal, so 3 (1/2 tsp for the three gals) Recharge helps generate explosive root growth. Revive amends deficiencies, thus using it as part of a reg feeding schedule, I tend not to run into deficiencies. If I do, then it’s usually Cal/mag which is easy to fix. Hope that helps.


Thanks! You mentioned Recharge twice above and I believe one was supposed to be revive, can you clarify which one?

Awesome information here. Thanks.

Sorry, Recharge is the powder you use 1/2 tsp per gal and Revive you use 11ml for the whole three gals. : )


Thanks! Are you using these in a Grobo or in another DWC setup? (Or both? Haha)

I use them both in DWC and my soil grows. Grobo for DWC and tent for Soil. I’m sure you can see some of my grows on the board.

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Oh trust me I’ve stalked your grows haha :+1::joy:. Another question for you, do you do any extra flushing pre-harvest or any special cleaning of the reservoir due to the “film” added by Recharge?

I Flush for two weeks minimum. And I don’t clean the unit until after harvest. I’m in the process of buying a house, and if everything works out, I’ll set up a soil perpetual grow. I prefer soil over hydro. More possibilities of issues in hydro compared with soil and I harvest much more and more quickly in soil than the box. I’ll keep using the box, but I will be more focused on creating a soil perpetual grow when I get my house…If I get my house lol


Awesome! Good luck on the new home and congrats!