Refurbished Grobo

Power Plant Auto Day 14 Early Veg still trying to recover, support thinks it heating issue cause the wilting. Still keeping an eye on her my filter was backwards rookie mistake hopefully this helps.

Pineapple Express Auto Day 1 Transition looking great, not sure if cutting some fan leaves is worth it on the Auto?


Hey buddy! I have a couple of auto grows under my belt and wanted to offer some advice.

Try to monitor your water temps. A small fish tank temp gauge works great! Looks like you have a small black temp gauge for inside the Grobo, that’s nice work man. If it’s hitting the 80s in the box then the water temp will be around that temp or in the mid to upper 70s.

If that’s the case you might need to invest in a chiller setup. Many of us here installed chillers to maintain a constant water temp of 65. Root rot becomes a big concern once water temps are above 70-72. Are you adding Hydroguard to help fight off root rot? 5ml per fill up should work well.

As far as trimming Autos. I think each plant responds differently. So you can try cutting a big fan leaf or two, wait a few days to see how she responds. Then take a couple more leaves. Just go slow and see how she reacts. I wouldn’t top her but you can do other low stress training.


@miami5th hey bud thanks for the info, I did order some water temp gauges should be here tomorrow great call out. I did introduce some Hydroguard as well about 5.5ml i’m using.

Yeah I currently changed my light schedule today as support reccomended they will be keeping an eye on the unit as we believe the issue was it overheated, I did realize I made a noob mistake and installed the carbon filter backwards so I got that sorted as well hope that wasn’t a cause of the issue but thats on me.

I am currently looking into the water chillers as well currently just doing the scheduled Ice Bottle tip several times a day LOL.

She does seem to be popping back up and hopefully she stretches as for trimming I will take your advice and go slow I wanted to be as simple a grow as possible as its my first and I’m learning but I figured I’d have to get some more light flowing to the pods, and also remove some of those troubled leaves later on :slight_smile:

I do appreciate all the support you guys are some true OG’s :metal:

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Light scheduled changed she seems to be peeking back up Power Plant Auto


Well some crap news looks like both grows are suffering from damping off, I think I caught the Pineapple Express Auto early enough and might be salvaged but the Power Plant Auto is not looking good at all, anyone have the issue with the coco pod staying to damp any pointers before I restart

Power Plant Auto Damping off stem is in bad shape

Pineapple Express Auto hopefully salvageable really keeping my fingers crossed


Had to scrap the Power Plant Auto she wasn’t coming back so instead of wasting more nutes chalked it up as a learning experience and will start over.
The Pineapple Express Auto is is on Day 30 In the Transition stage , hopefully recovering from the damping and slightly introduced some tucking today.


Well I’m trying everything to save my Pineapple Express Auto from damping off here’s to my last hoorah day 30 tried @Stephen McDonalds straw recommendation. :pray:t4::v:t4:


Really hope it works out for you!

My advice would be to use paper towels to damp off as much moisture as you can. I did it by using thin squares of paper towel and patted them lightly while avoiding contact with the stem as much as possible until they were saturated, usually meant turning them around to get the whole thing wet… then replace with another. You can get quite a few squares out of one normal sized paper towel, best way to do it imo to not waste any of the towels… You can let them dry out possibly if you wanted too and re-use, but I decided against it just to avoid any pathogens that might have gotten on the towels from being damp/sitting out in the room…

This takes some diligent effort but I feel like the less water around the base of the stem the more oxygen it’s going to get. The proof is in the wet paper towels, that was once moisture that was sitting on top of the pod.


@pyromancy thanks bud for the tip I am applying paper towel squares as we speak, I got my fingers crossed she makes it, I’d hate to start over but we know that is the game we are in. :seedling: :crossed_fingers:


Good stuff! I hope she survives this rough period. If you can get her some love and attention and get past this point you’ll be in the clear. Unfortunately there isn’t much else to do other than the things you’re doing but I hope it’s enough.

One more thing… actually… you might want to look into getting her some support so that she doesn’t fall over in addition to the straw…


@pyromancy Thank you we are trying she seems to still be growing so I’m still hoping she pulls through. I did tie across the top of the stem for more support thanks for the tip, I’ll keep ya’ll posted :seedling: :crossed_fingers: :v:

Pineapple Express Auto still growing thankfully hope she makes it Day 32 Transition


Pineapple Express Auto Day 35 still growing which is great news :muscle:t4::pray:t4:

Started a new Grow in grobo number 2 hopefully uses what I learned from the last one. New Grow Critical Purple Auto by GC day 6 Germination


Good luck with both man :wink:!

My Hydroguard finally arrived today but adding 5ml over 2 days so would you suggest more :stuck_out_tongue:? I’ve already added 3ml :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue:" by mistake :rofl:!:rofl:!

But ill leave it :wink::rofl:

You can add 7.5mL directly to the reservoir as soon as you receive it. Hard to “OD” on Hydroguard. She will appreciate it very much.


@Gmann Hey bud thank you yeah totally like @SWSVIC recommends you can add it all straight to the reservoir. I started off with 5ml each water change but have increased the dosage to 7ml the past two water changes and the plant seems to love it. :metal: :vulcan_salute: :joy:


Cheers pal :blush:
I’ll add another 4 tomorrow :wink:

Wile on the subject m8 what addertives if any would you add & when :thinking: ??

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@Gmann right on bud :metal: I’m not using much additives besides Hydroguard, I rather keep it simple if necessary.

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Day 9 Critical Purple Auto

Day 38 Pineapple Express Auto