Recipes for Northern lights auto

Hey growers! I’m about to grow my first ever inside the grobo. Just waiting on it to arrive. With that said I am planning on growing Northern Lights auto flower by Crop King. Ha anyone grown NL auto in grobo? Would the recipe for Northern Lights be sufficent? Or should I look for a different one? Any help you have is appreciated.



Hope everybody sees your post to give you a response, but for now, we can ask @Stephen… If you read through the forum you may run across some posts that actually talked about (Northern Lights)… Welcome to the AG Forum… :wink::smiley:

Thanks! @SilverGrobo I appreciate that. I’m trying to find some of those posts. So far I only found NL posts, not referencing auto flower, but could have misread. Ima keep on digging the forums but figured this could help too. Thanks again!


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Hi @Growya,

Welcome to the forum! Auto recipes are a bit more difficult than a regular feminized photoperiod dependent strain, so be careful of your height. I talk about this here and the community chats about it here

All that being said, to answer your question, if you do not see the strain you have, use one of the auto generic recipes. You can always request a recipe on this thread, I try to add new recipes 4 times a year.

Again, welcome aboard!