Recipe choice


I want to grow island bubba but there is no recipe for it. Looking up strain info it looks like bubba kush indica would be the best match. Just wondering what others think ? I want to choose this instead of the generic recipe. Also does anyone know how long it takes for a recipe request to be put in grobo’s inventory ? I’m looking to grow Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter breath, Gellati, biscotti and a few other strains.



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From my understanding, recipes are usually added every quarter, but that’s not to say that your requests would be ready the first quarter after requested. As for the best match, it’s also recommended to use the generic if your recipe isn’t listed…but that’s completely up to you, it’s your grow. I don’t REALLY know how in depth the recipes are, so you may be good with the bubba kush indica recipe.


A recipe update was just done last month I believe.
Stephen does them whenever he can catch a break which is every couple months.
Do you know if your strain is indica, sativa, hybrid or auto?
If the Bubba kush strain is the same as yours its possible it will be ok since youd rather not use the generic recipes.:eyes::seedling: