Ran into some issues

4th pic ran into some problems a little while ago…I think it’s mag deficiency also noticed rust spots so assuming calcium as well, I fed a dose of synthetic turned out too strong for this one so next couple of waterings just feeding cal mag and ph water, I noticed other plants don’t seem as bad and didn’t burn as much, will do half of the previous strength next time



DAY 36


Smaller plants started a week later, Completed first defoliation due to larger fan leaves blocking bud sites…topped 3 days ago and have been low stress straining since as well. Soil as the medium, gh nutes fed at half recommend strength, gorilla glue is a finicky strain, some plants respond better than others, I noticed a slight magnesium/ calcium deficiency, was feeding 1 ml per gallon upped it to 2 ml and checking new growth, 3 gallon pots and 5/5.5 gallons Mars hydro ts2000 (50% power) hung at 30 inches above the canopy( taller ones 27- 30)
Temps 25-27 during day and 23-24 during night (Celsius) I bruised a few stems during training but I think they’ll recover, Their warriors.

Think they are recovering nicely


Flowering day 1!!