Quick Tips

Good morning AG,

Just wanted to provide something short and sweet that will help ensure a successful harvest.

Every week during your Fill/Drain take a few moments to check the channels of the frame where the door meets and wipe away any buildup of debris. Even being inside of your house and having a “controlled” environment you still experience dust, hairs (human and animals), climate, etc. my dog has short small hairs that tend to stick our clothing without notice and I’ve caught a few on the base of my unit. Just something to keep an eye out for!

It’s all in the details that will show in your end result. I have OCD when it comes to things like this so I figured I would share my weekly tip that I’ve been using since week 1.


@rich i got my grobo today… Thanks for posting so frequently and i m sure its helping a lot in the community. Any new issues with your grobo? What day are you on your grow?

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Happy to hear you finally received your Grobo! Only sharing information that I believe all in AG are searching for!

At the moment the unit is operating and we are on Day 69, still a few weeks out until harvest.

Keep us posted with your grow experience and best of luck!


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