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Hi everyone. I am looking to purchase the grobo solid but after reading some reviews I’m a bit nervous. How many problems are there with the air pump/fan? I’ve seen a lot of people needing to put external ones in place which I know will then void the warranty. Also, how smell proof is it? Let me know anything you can, wether you love it or hate it so I can decide wether it’s worth the buy or not. Also, is it really automated? How much do I need to do to the plant myself? On a Scale Of 1-10 how complicated is the process?


We can all understand the anxiety of making such a big purchase. I’m not going to lie I was a little sketched out at first, but let me assure you that with the awesome Grobo team and the wonderful community we have here… there’s no problem!



Does not void warranty if your just tubing in your own airstone.
Automated 8 out of 10. Drain fill are negligible but plant maintaining a good size in rhe machine requires some trimming.
Nothing else is needed. I dont add anything past my own air stone

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p.s. the crystal you get is potent af. My favorite part about the grobo. Id say triple crystal to soil


What are the benefits of adding your own airstone?

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Nothing other than your plant not dying because grobos craps out.



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