Question about flowering stage?


So I have a few questions if you all wouldn’t mind giving me feedback.

  1. I’m on day 71 (10/39 flowering stage) in which grobo wants to flush the plant of all its nutrients. The pistils are all white and it appears it may be to soon to flush nutrients can I add a week or so on the grobo app?
  2. This plant is the same sativa I grew last year with the grobo unit and it is about 1/4 of the size (height). Is this common?
  3. Last question is I used the generic sativa (my strain wasn’t listed) and I grew it out for duration. That strain is suppose to be a sativa but it makes me fall asleep is it possible I waited to long to harvest? More than 75% of the pistols had changed to amber color.

Thanks for the feedback greatly appreciated



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  1. Yes you can add as much time as you need by going to your app and selecting maintenance then shift schedule.
  2. For this to be a sativa yes its a probIem because they grow tall unlike indica strains that tend to be shorter and bushy. Next grow I recommend extending late veg until it reaches the second fan and extending flower until you reach the desired trichomes (check the chart @SilverGrobo supplied for you).
  3. According to your pics there are is no amber just white hairs. Looking at the pics its no way you waited too long to harvest. If it makes you sleepy double check the strain.
    My question is: was it an auto or not?
    If not than I would say it moved through stages too fast.
    More time in late veg definitely.

Thanks for everyone for the posts! I have added a week to the flowering stage then I will re-veal. It was not auto flowering but I’ve read if you don’t harvest on time you get a sleep potion rather than a true sativa effect. Maybe that happens with my last I think all the pistils had changed colors to amber.


That’s what the harvest chart suggest also (posted above).
I try to get somewhere between:
trichomes half clear/cloudy & mostly cloudy trichomes for an energetic intense high.