Purple kush

Hey everyone!! First time grower have a feminized purple kush plant started. Day 22 day 1 late veg. Any recommendations or anything at all would be helpful thanks


Only thing I might add is that when my plant was in a similar size, @VermontGrobo said he noticed my leaves were curling up, and advised me to do a pH health check. I feel like I might see a similar thing going on with your plant, but not sure. Maybe he can chime in. It turned out my pH probe did need calibration after I checked.

Keep an eye on your water reservoir temps from here on out, and possibly think about using Hydroguard if you don’t already.

Also keep an eye on your stem and make sure there’s no discoloration going on (damping off), and also your cocopod should be starting to dry out by now. If it’s still pretty wet, think about raising it up a bit from the bottom. It will take a bit of pressure but youll feel it slide right up once you give it enough push.

Make sure your first fan is running as well, that should be on by now. Hard to tell but the way I was able to see was blowing air from the back in which ended up slowing down the fan enough to be visible.

Plan on extending late veg for quite some time, your plant is pretty small and no where near transition yet. Grobo recommends being up to the 2nd fan before the switch. Id say you have another 2-3 weeks left of veg at the minimum before you think about transition.

Once your plant gets to it’s 4th or 5th node (usually 5th recommended) you can think about doing some topping! Doesn’t need to be done but will add some extra branches and make the plant go horiziontal a bit as well.

Also, make sure your bottles are all dispensing each drain/fill by marking the levels with a sharpie, this will also give you a better idea of how much of each is needed just in case there is some kind of dispensing error in the future and you need to do it manually ( I had to do this with #5 in my last grow)


Thanks for the info I appreciate it!!






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