Preemptive strike against pest

My Grobo sits on a carpeted surface. Is it worth putting down a anti pest / bug border around my unit. If so, what might I use? Maybe lady bugs down the road?

Pests shouldn’t come from outside the grobo unless your leaving the door open all day.

Hey Alex,

Most of the bugs that would invade your unit actually come from your clothes. Most growers will change their shirt when entering their grow room. One of the reasons I have an outrageous white lab coat. :wink:

Lady bugs are an excellent defence against spider mites and other predators! I’d skip the bug border.


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Hey Stephen,

Have any ideas or thought on these guys? I have never seen these here in Oahu before. I’m wondering if there could have been a hitchhiker from Canada that came with the unit. The biggest one is old and is hollowed out pretty much, found it down by the number 5 bottle. I’m only on day 15 but started seeing these guys a day or two after I started. Any ideas or solutions?

Woah alarming for sure. But not sure

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They look like thrips to me, but hard to tell from the pics. Stephen will probably know right away, but google thrips and take a look at the similarities. There are many different looking thrips, and those “antennas” are throwing me off.

Nope, upon closer inspection they are aphids. 98% sure.

Here’s a fix if I am indeed right

Hi @Ctaylor684,

It appears you have two different pests that have invaded. The 1st pictures appears to be an Indian Meal Moth. Not a common cannabis pest, and probably nothing to worry about. More info and pics can be found here.

The last picture looks like either baby Indian meal moths or another type of moth. The wings and antennae are giveaways. Not thrips, not aphids, not spider mites, so good news there.

Examine the underside of your leaves for any spots or eggs or infestation. I’ve not heard of moths infesting a garden, so you should be safe. An insecticide soap will knock them down.

Best of luck!


Well damn, they look an awful lot like aphids(middle pics with the antenna). I’m gonna have to do better than that lol. :joy::rofl::scream: knew you’d get it right though Stephen.

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Thank you rouleauj, and Stephen for the helpful responses. Definitely appreciate it. Should I put two lady bugs inside the unit for a future precaution too?


Sorry I was wrong. Only ever had to deal with spider mites. But man do the long antenna bugs look like aphids. Oh I learned something too, so there is that. Good luck and ladybugs are our friends, they eat other bugs throw a few in lol


Any ladybugs you can add are always a good idea. They don’t usually stick around very long, but will eat any soft bodied pests like aphids, spider mites, moth larvae and thrips up quickly if you have any.

No worries @Osage, love that you are helping other growers.


Thanks again @Stephen and @Osage, off to catch a few lady bugs lol!!