PPD by Humboldt

Stated a new project. But have some probs on day 5 with the plant on the right. I lowered both of them a bit so the water can reach the tap root beer cause the course were a little dry


The one with the yellow tip is the right one

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She’ll bounce back :+1:. Lookin good!

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Ok keep you all updated to make sure it’s not getting overwatered

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Is that too much stretching, this is day 5-6

They don’t look any different

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Don’t reuse the pebbles without rinsing, soaking, and sterilizing with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide. Taking the time to do it right will save headaches later.

Don’t let the pebbles dry out. Ever. Period.

Don’t use a regular pot unless you have a dedicated water source. Using regular pots can sometimes lead to algae and draining issues.

Don’t use the pebbles as a substitute for soil outdoors. You can certainly use them in conjunction with soil but not as a replacement in your outside garden.



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I think they’re growing. It’s day ten so I lowered the water just below the net pot but I’m not sure if the roots are long enough for me to do that. Should the Coco pod be wet the entire grow or just during the seedlings stage

New picks coming, sorry for the absence. I honestly didn’t have much hope for it

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