Power Outages and Grobo

Regarding power outages and grobo… how is this going to affect my plant?

She is on day 6 of transition phase. Light schedule is 2 AM to 2 PM (Dark) and 2PM to 2AM (Light). Lights would have turned back on in 3 hours.

Electric company says “maybe” the power will be back on in 9 hours. Fml

Hey @ChopJ,

Here are a couple tips for you:

Please take your lid (with the plant inside) out of your unit to air out the roots for 20-30 minutes every 8 hours. That way, they will be able to breathe while the bubbler is not functioning.

Please take a cup and manually lower your Grobo’s reservoir volume by 10%. This will give your plant roots some air time when it’s back inside the Grobo, allowing for it to receive oxygen.

Keep the door shut during the day, the biggest thing right now is to not let any extra light in when she is sleeping. Missing out on her usual light is kinda like having a cloudy/stormy day for an outside grower. Not a huge deal.

Good luck!


THANK YOUUUUUUU!!! #doingthemost

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