Power bank

Would a solar power bank work, I mean would it get it’s power from the grobos light? For powering fans nonstop…???

I realize it’s only simulated sunlight, lol, but it works for the plant, wondered if anyone has tried. :woman_shrugging:t2:




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Theoretically you could, but it would depend on what kind of photovoltaic cells the solar panel has. Most of the cheap solar panels use outdated cells that do not do a great job at converting solar power to electricity. Not to mention the solar panel would need to be exposed to the light, which could be difficult once the plant is high enough.

Also, you run a risk of overheating the battery inside the power bank if there isn’t sufficient air flow.

To me it seems like more of a hassle than useful. Also not sure if the spectrum from the Grobo’s LED’s is sufficient to cause the solar cells to produce electricity.

Also, I’m no expert in anyway when it comes to solar power, but something is telling me that the light waves that cause the reaction in the solar cells is a different spectrum than the light a plant uses for photosynthesis. I’m going to have to research this, cause now I’m curious.


Might or might not work, but for $10-$15 you can get a small fan and use USB or plug it in. That is what I have, a lot of them on Amazon. You need an outlet for the Grobo no matter what.