Potential compromise to my account on the application

Good morning,

Attempted to check on my plant this morning, however when I went to access the application I was asked to sign it. Placed my credentials in and was informed my password was now incorrect. Confused by this I log in with the laptop and boom, I’m right in.

Here’s where things take a turn for me, I confirm I’m logged in via the laptop, attempted another 5-6 times via mobile application to ensure I wasn’t missing something. Requested a reset password link only to be told that my CURRENT password was no longer correct. Somehow, I feel this has been compromised as I use this password very consistently without failures.

One note to make, each and every time I use a Grobo website my phone prompts me to inform me that these sites are NOT secure. Either way, please be aware of any unusual changes to your profile.

Anyone from the Grobo team @Chris @bjorn @ @bruno any ideas what could have taken place with this here? Definitely very concerning. Let me know what I need to do to actually hard change my password as it currently is telling me I cannot change my password as the CURRENT password is invalid.



I believe this has more to do with Google’s change then grobo. Chrome and others are now indicating which websites haven’t switched over to secure servers or https vs http.

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I’m using Safari and have Chrome at the moment for IOS. I’m seeing both HTTPS in both URLs for the forums and my Grobo app. I haven’t got any security notifications for either. Looks like @Rich will have to hammer this out with the Grobo guys. To hard for us to troubleshoot since we aren’t having the same issues. :man_shrugging:

I’m done with technology! I got in after a reboot of my phone (I swear they have their own minds, literally).

As for the HTTPS they are present while using my iOS, however via the laptop (HP) they are not present. Just want everyone to be vigilant with their data, that’s all. Can never be too careful when it comes to data of any sort.


Haha glad it worked out for you @Rich I’ve been surrounded by a life of technology in my work and home. Every IT company always first goto is reboot. (After checking everything is plugged in properly)

You’re not alone I’m supprised more people have pulled their hair out over tech issues, lol.

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Lol ain’t that the truth… lol

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Interesting that a hard reset did the trick @Rich - write us an email at support@grobo.ca if you’re still having issues



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Technology is so cool, when it works right… :wink::green_thumb:

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