Plant starting to flower

Auto seed north bay kush
I am currently at day 42/50 late vegetation
Plant is just above the 1st fan. I am noticing now that the plant is starting to flower! I was just going to continue to extend veg till reached second fan, but noticing the flowering starting I’m not quite sure what to do? Any advices appreciated .


You have a auto seed you can’t control when it changes to flower. This is why they call it a Auto

Only photo plants you can control veg timing

I would change stage to Transition to flower at min but a photo of your plant would be helpful


Thanks I didn’t want to do auto because all the info in regards to its schedule but the only seed I was able to get in decent time to start with the new purchase. I’ll send a pic!


My first automatic plant looks the same. Personally, I won’t choose an automatic next time. With photo. I have more control


Yeah I agree. When it is flowering should I put into transition your think??

I would trim off a lot of leaves so we can see it more. :grinning: I am using an auto too and it’s coming along nice. My next is a female, already have them.

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