Pineapple Express and Cinderella 99

Hey growers, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a grow, here are a couple I have going at the moment. Both have journals, I’ll continue my updates there. Thanks for all the advice on prior grows.

Grobo 1: Pineapple Express from ILGM
Day: 75 23/43 (flowering)
Journal: /grow-journal/947648732

What I’m learning:
I’m trying a couple of different methods/techniques on this grow. I always topped my previous grows right when node five was sending up node six. This seems to have created very tall plants often times hitting the roof and curling back down.

This grow I waited until she produced node six and there was a solid inch of stalk between five and six and cut right at the base above five. Also this is my first time adding a grid to force the plant to spread out.

Not sure if it’s genetics or what but this strain has far more trichomes developing on both sweet and fan leaves.

Oh and I’m leaving the popcorn buds on as I’m trying to create some edibles using those. I usually lollipop more but chose not too.


Grobo 2: Cinderella 99 from SeedSupreme
Day: 16 6/14 Early Veg
Journal (you have to add Grobo URL as it wouldn’t allow me to post a link): grow-journals/511079933

What I’m learning: Not much on this other than testing the PH as one leaf has some spots but the mew growth is looking solid. Roots are bright white and flourishing.



Plant #1 looking awesome! Nothing wrong with leaving some popcorn I spose! She sure looks frosty already. I’ve seen a couple Pineapple Express on here and the buds always look so delicious!

Cindy 99 is an oldschool one :slight_smile: She’s looking good too so far! Those spots are pretty normal, no worries!