Ph 3?

I am currently day 30 in my gg4 grow. all of my nutrients are draining some except 3 ? The lines aren’t clogged from visually inspecting it but I was wondering if anybody knows why it hasn’t seemed to use any yet


Here’s a photo of the Plant as well


Bottles 3and 4 are micro and macro nutrients
It should be dispensing by this point id open a ticket so they can test.


Welcome to the community and congrats on the Grobo purchase!

At this point all of the nutrient bottles should be dispensing and the fluid levels in bottles 3,4,5 should be similar. It is very suspicious that bottle 3 is filled so full to the brim! The nutes usually do not come this full of liquid. It could be the case that the nute lines were mistakenly swapped - meaning the in/out tubes are reversed, so when the system tries to dispense #3 it is actually pulling water from the dwc tank and adding to the bottle.

Carefully inspect bottle #3, do you see any signs of fluid overflowing or spills? Are there any kinks or issues with the lines? Let’s do a test of my theory about the lines being crossed. Mark the fluid levels on all of your bottles and keep a close eye on fluid levels. It helps to keep track of these fluid levels! Pour about 20ml of liquid out of bottle #3 into a cup. Perform a drain/fill (Maintenance - Drain process then Fill) and after about 10 minutes of completing, the nute pumps should start their work. We should see the fluid levels drop in bottles 3-5 but I suspect we may see the fluid level increase in bottle #3. What are your results?

Also take a look under the white plastic lid, are there bubbles in the water tank?

Good luck and let us know how things turn out


There are bubbles in the main tank but yes I believe you are right about the lines being crossed/reversed cause every time I take my cap off #3 it is filled to the brim! I also thought it slightly changed color

I just poured some ph3 out to try out your theory unfortunately I just changed the water yesterday so I’m prob just gonna wait and see how it goes till I change it next Saturday


Hey buddy! It would be best if you did the water change now rather than on Saturday. This is because as it stands now your plant is not receiving the nutes from bottle #3 which are essential for a good grow.

If you have the time I would do a water change + the test I mentioned ASAP.


So the support team I emailed ended up sending me a reply

They said there must be an error with the way the tubes were installed

I flipped the lines and surprisingly it seems to be working great now!

I’m curious on how my plant will do considering this little mishap