⛺️Orion’s 3x3 & 2x2

It should look like mine in the picture after 24 hours… That is the sign of a good tea…

I don’t have a data to support this but I was told it isn’t good to have a lid on top of the bucket you want the tea to be able to gas off… As you see in my picture that is way my bucket is in my flood tray. contains the mess…

With your air pump running do you have a hard bubble action happening?

Maybe compare the specs of your pump see if it has the power

This is my pump

model HGC728455 (728455)

This is my airstone… I have 2 of them for tea

Model HGC728410 (728410)


Sheesh :roll_eyes: ur gonna have to show me how to make that does not look :eyes: easy :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Honestly looks harder than it is. For me making it is easy. Cleaning up when done is the work for me with tea


So a quick lesson on making it what exactly do u have to do to make it an this is there food :shallow_pan_of_food: correct :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


considerate Tea as super food… It does feed the plant but so many more benefits besides just food…

Fast run down

Tea goes into tea bag
Ro water in bucket
1 airstone in tea bag (with food)
1 airstone in bucket
let it brew for 24 hours
Feed to plants as soon as you turn the air pump off
Left over material in Tea bag you top dress the plants with…


Thanks for the info, here’s a shot from last night, just a quick one. They’ve looked better…

Question for you, mark, in the previous post with the compost tea. Where did you get that tray and what size is it?


I bought it at my local hydro store but this is the same flood floor tray…

It’s 3 by 3… but I think I would go 4 by 4 for making tea if I were to buy again.

This model has a thicker plastic than most which I like… I had one before than cracked because the plastic was to thin


Ok :white_check_mark: for 24hrs this mix has to be super thick an how many times a week do I do this :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


One more thing we didn’t chat about…

In Veg and early flower Tea as Foliar spray Dilute 1:7… So many benefits something else to think about for the future


Thanks a lot Mark, that sounds like a great way to use all of it. For a foliar spray I’ve been using HS’s Flower Shield but if I can make a tea w/ bennies and organic insecticides that’s even better


Tea has been the best results for me with foliar spray… It also aids to keep the bugs away like Flower shield…

When compost tea is applied as a foliar spray the nematodes within can even attack and defend against insect pests on leaves and stems, such as leaf miners…

I can find you some data on it if you want.


That makes complete sense I will begin doing so weekly. I still have to order the boogie brew… so maybe next week I will use the tea as a spray. It can only benefit as long as I make it right.

I found a local grower who makes his own worm castings w/ great success & the quality and freshness alone is benefitting my plants greatly as an amendment. Upon his next harvest I will make my next tea.


That is true you need a nice brew for sure.

Same here I buy my worm casting of a local worm farm. Quality is better and half the price


How are the plants looking? Did they green up again?

Just a FYI I stop spraying when the flowers are out


Also have you ever looked into “Fish Shit”

If you wanting to boost your bacteria and microorganism production this product as a stand alone has amazing results…

Now you can also add this to the END of your tea brew for a extra bonus…

or this works great also like this


1 gallon of RO water
10 ml of fish shit
5 tablespoons of worm cast

Brew for 5 to 6 hours and feed… Just watch your plants dance the next day


So, they haven’t been greening up as much as I’d like and I can’t be sure why. I have to do a ppm check in the soil and find out where it is at. The buds are densing up and frosted very nicely but the leaves seem curled like a nitrogen toxicity. I am going to order the fish shit but I wanted to find it locally and I was unable to do so :confused: so i’ll order it. My phone has been dead every time I have gone into the grow tent recently but I brewed a tea with fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, and castings for 24 hours and then mixed with water 1:1 but the plants look worse for wear since… I’ll try and test the pH of the runoff when they dry up and we’ll go from there. Pics to come tonight.


Sorry to hear it’s not going well maybe I will be able to see something when you post some pictures


Here’s a pic from yesterday. I fell asleep too early to post anything. I’m pretty sure I added too much P in the form of fish bone meal and thus locked out the ability for zinc and nitrogen to uptake b/c those are the deficiencies I am noticing most obviously. Any other info would be appreciated! On day 36 today of flower.


It’s does look like it’s lacking N

What have you feed / did in the last 3 weeks just don’t want to over so it.

But I’m think worm casting it will add N plus aid in breaking down the soil. Also if you got the fish shit it will help also. This will not add any food but it will aid the soil in releasing nutes of there is a lockout.

Also your pretty far into flower now. At this point I don’t see most of your leaves darkening up. But you can hold your ground for sure and still finish with nice buds. You flowers are looking yummy already


Thank you, Mark! I’m thinking of doing so with fish shit. I actually have another similar innoculant by the name of URB. I think this also assists in phosphorous and micronutrient uptake so I feel I will top dress lightly once more w/ casting and water in w/ the URB mixed in the water.

I usually add a cap-ful to 5 gallons. Do you think I should add more this time? I don’t think you can over-do it with URB but never can be sure…

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