Old school person said to just use tap water and this?

I know I saw someone else here using this, but I ran into someone and we started talking. Then when it got to water, I was saying I have an old water distiller and run it 4-5x a week and it takes about 20 hours to run for all that. He was looking at me, then he handed me this, in the picture, said it was $2, use it and just let the buckets sit out 48 hours too. According to him, and I have no clue, there is no difference in the end flower.

I think this would work fine but I would recommend pairing this with a zero water filter or at least a good Brita filter to help remove some of the impurities from the water hat might mess up the machine over time.


Neutralizes the chlorine mostly for fish. I think it’s 14 drops per gallon. We talked about it somewhere in here as an emergency if you had to use tap water. For the cost and hassle. I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s an emergency. I would stick with distilled water. No fuss no worries IMO. :+1:t2::sunglasses:


He might have said that too about filtering first. He has been growing 40 years or so, so must work OK if he uses it.

The cost and hassle is what I am trying to get out of. :grinning: It takes 20 hours of filling and emptying my Distiller for 1 week or about $5 for bottle distilled here. Then you have to go and pick it up and drag it around. This seems so much easier, fill 2 buckets add drops, then wait 48 hours. I could buy a RO unit for $300, but don’t really want to do that for 2 maybe 3 plants a year in the Grobo.

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I see what your saying. Yeah that’s rough. I guess try and see. :thinking:

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This one is semi near done, so I will keep distilling for it. The next one, I might try this unless I hear something really bad. I will still add Hydroguard, Fish S and Bud Candy.

I really am not sure, but can waste a few weeks once this grow is done and see what happens?

My advice would be to get rid of the distiller and look into an inexpensive reverse osmosis system. Amazon has a $60 one that will last well over a year if only used for the Grobo. They put out zero or close to zero EC at a very low cost. I started with a distiller but it now sits in my garage.

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Running pure water is going to aid plant health only.

Plants don’t like chlorine or chloramine so the overall general idea is find a way to remove these products from your water source.

There is at least half a dozen different ways to go about this but first you need to understand what is your starting water source. Then go from there


I am going to stop with the home distiller after this grow. I want to stick to the same water, so maybe next one I will look into trying something like this after I look into it more. Takes 4 hours for 1 gallon and its easy though, but loud and heats up the room. :grinning: