Nutrient issues with flora flex

I’ve had beautiful runs with flora flex as well.
Thanks for coming into the thread just to show your crop and not offer insight? :hugs::hugs:



Couple runs ago flora flex


My point of the photo was that was grown with Coco and FloraFlex nutes…

When you say it’s not ideal for coco you didn’t say any info why or what your doing… It’s hard to offer insight with no info…

PS your last run looks really nice congratulations

      I reduced my camg over the last few watering because I thought possibly was overdueing it locking up phosphate. That was a mistake. Temps did get warm for a week-10 days and have my ac in place now.

Temps were 81-85 humidity 55-63 ish day time. Nighttime around 75 with 50-55 percent humidity. Co2 1200-1300 ppm

I’ve been irrigating twice a day and deffinately noticing not a significant dry back between watering.
Usually at this stage I can feed them feel them lighter 4 hours later before next feed that is not the case right now.
Rep told me to go up to 2.0 ec and thing should green up but I’m having a hard time believing that.

If there’s any other information I can provide I’d love to do that.

Everyone and there mother is running flora flex coco it seems so I’m completely with ya.

Dr photon at coco for cannabis was the first to pick apart there npk arrangement when I posted there and what he said made all of sense.

Tonight I braught my ec up to 2.0 which was on the advice of dr photon and a flora flex rep on the phone today . Switched back to 1/1 Bloom fert ratio and have my :crossed_fingers:

I love flora flex and have been running it for a few years with ease even in multi strain rooms and sifts.

Gues the purple Afghan was a few runs ago as last run was a sift from my good friend @hawaiianheirloomgenetics on Instagram


I found in the past pushing the Ec at 2.0 gave me Tip burn…

In veg Normally I was around 1300 Ec

In Flower Normally I was around 1500 EC

Watch your dry back that your EC doesn’t spike up…

My last grow with flora flex I followed the Newer Full Tilt schedule (just lowered the Ec but same ratio)… One thing to add I was using drip system with small little inline ball valve that let’s me decrease water flow to smaller plants… I found hand watering Coco is requires to much of my time

Ya hand watering in coco is a bitch.
Plus I run my lights at night which basically causes me to work third shift.
Your nutrient strengths are on point.
Those are the levels I usually run.

Last ditch attempt to green things up I took the advice of the flora flex rep to up to 2.0 and switch back to 1/1 bloom ratio.

That photo you showed of those monsters were fed 1.5?

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I’ll give you credit there’s no way I could hand water Coco especially at night to top it off.

If you supply the picture of the whole plant I may be able to offer different ideas but I only seen the one fanleaf… Do you use anything to remove salt build up?

Yes I fed those at 1500 EC

I’m a firm believer less is more

All I used for that grow was this


Ro water
Cal/mag to Ec 0.2 to 0.3
Then V1/V2
Total 1300 EC
PH to 5.5 (I let it drift up to 6.3 over the week and then down it back down)


Ro water
Cal/mag to Ec 0.2 to 0.3
Then B1/B2 (added full tilt Week 5 to 7)
Bud Candy Full at strength
Total Ec 1500
PH to 5.5 (I let it drift up to 6.3 over the week and then down it back down)

Followed these rates just lowered total EC…

Not sure if this info helps… Have you looked at a Flora Spray? Maybe Cal/Mag or Epson Salt? Maybe optic foliar overgrow. I have had good results with it

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Firstly thanks for staying in the thread & appreciating the mind bending garden in running. I’ve been trying to get on droppers for a while now and just havnt had the time to expand my mind in that way. ( probably because I’m hand watering :joy:)

My program is almost identical to yours in regards to chart mixture then dilute. Even your nutrient strengths are par with what I’d typically be running.

For example right now my veg girls
.3 ec calimagic
Rest base 1/1 for a total 1.2-1.3.

Somewhere along this run I made mistakes just trying to figure out where.

Maybe my vpd is off.

Maybe I pushed them to hard to soon with bloom nutes.
( switched to b1/b2 immediately after 12 12 )
Ph meter is good
Ec meter is good

I’ll pull a plant out tonight and snap a photo .

I did up the ec to 2.0 last night by the recommendation of a flora flex rep and dr photon @cocoforcannabis who really did take a dump on flora flex ratios in relation to coco


Are you in flower now or Veg? I’m thinking flower just want to confirm

Tonight will be day 12 flower.

Last night
.3 camg
1/1 ratio b1 and 2 at 2.0 total.

I would typically be using silica and roots excel and multizen but have ditched all additives til things straighten out?

Here’s a photo of whole plant on like day 4 of flower

Normally I wouldn’t be feeding this high but I am running higher temps and elevated co2 it’s deffinately possible they’re asking for more food.


I was at 1.6

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I think that’s a great idea. Stick with the base nutes for now

Because your running Co2 your temps and RH are in line for VPD so don’t think that’s the problem.

To get more info have you tested the ph and Ec of your leach water (your first water run off)

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I’m watering momentarily at 2.0 and watered last night at 2.0.

I’ll have my run off measurements in a few minutes I will post them.

Ph of my solutions 5.7-6.1 last I checked the run off a few days ago ph in 5.9—->5.9-6.0

Plants look pissed tonight

Day 2 at 2.0
Solution in 2.0 5.9—->1.8 6.o

Maybe plants wanted more ec after all. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Just a note to hobby growers…please take all these specific recommendations and apply them with prudence to your grow. If you are a hobby grower, you probably have no need to use all these nuts…but it is always good to learn.

I am an ardent advocate of the KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach. I don’t do a whole lot special and apply a Darwinian approach to all the plants in my house & yard…survival of the fittest…if a plant requires too much time/attention then it is not right for me. All my plants must be able to survive on my well water. AN nuts made it able to use my normally alkaline well water safe to use.

Marijuana/Weed/Grass grew for thousands of years without all the fancy smancy stuff…not the huge buds or great highs but it grew and served a purpose. I do purchase good seed but don’t spend $$$$$$ on stuff…a few good nutes…good to go. Maybe not the yields that others get but the ROI is on the money.

As a medical professional, my time is worth money…wasting time/money is not in my interest.


Great advice!

That being said my two part nutrient is & has always been KISS method.

Just discovered my dimmer wiring shit the Ed and I’ve been running 1800 umols without knowing it.

Runoff tonight 5.9 1000——> 5.9 900

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Based on your run off maybe they are hungry… To be feeding 2000 and only have 900 to 1000 leach that seems shockingly low to me… Maybe give it 2 to 3 more days if they are just hungry should see results in fast… Maybe keep checking your Leach to confirm it’s coming up


Yes that’s the plan. I will say that the dimmer going out did not help my situation I have to rewire them today. I should be around 800-1000 tops rn and I’m closer to 1800 par.

Man I’ve got so much going on gearing up for outdoor and buying my first grow property that I’ve completely lost control of this cycle.

If I pull any kind of meds out of this run it will be a miracle

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To be clear I was feeding at 2.0 and my run off was 1.8 so not an immense difference but deffinately a sign of hungry plants.

I think my dimmer being out and throwing all that light did not help.

I’m going to re wire my dimmers tonight and increase feed a bit more and pray.

Transition is the worst time to be deficient yikes I’ll update with photos in a week or so see if I have it in me to green things up but it’s pretty bad at the moment. My plants in the flower room hate me :joy:

All I can do is laugh.

Atleast the next round looks ready ( they were supposed to go outside though lol)