Nute burn or something else?

I hope that’s not fungus :sob:

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I should also note that I don’t think my nutes were dispensing properly as I read the EC of the water and it was 0.0 :thinking:


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Looks like the start of damp off. Can you get a fan blowing on the plant

Mark the levels on your nutes bottle and do a drain / fill. You can reuse the same water.

Let us know if it doses the nutes bet it does

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I already dumped it out lol, I’m at the gym right now but when I get back I’ll put the fan back on it.

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Fan is in but I fear the infection has already spread to the roots.

Also @Todd.grobo @Stephen my used Grobo came without the toppers for the nutrient bottles anyway I can order those?


Do you have hydro guard to add to the water?

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Not yet, I tried to order some on Amazon but shipping restrictions in my area don’t allow me to get it delivered. Any alternative places I can find it?