Northern Lights Fem

First time grower here! I dropped my seed 23 days ago. I purchased my feminized Hybrid Northern Lights from ILGM but the recipe didn’t provide an option to choose feminized or auto flowering. I hope I have the correct??

Thank you!


Welcome to the community!! Looking pretty healthy so far. In regards to seeds and recipes, feminized just means that you know it will be a female. The difference in recipes is in regards to autoflower and photoperiod. And autoflower will keep your light settings at 18 hrs on/ 6 hrs off through the entire grow and the plant will switch to flowering when its ready. If you have a photo period, the lights need to switch to 12 hrs in and 12 hrs off (your grobo will do this automatically when it gets to that stage in the grow). Just need to make sure you choose the correct recipe.

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Welcome @E_Man!

Can you please post a screen shot of your Grobo app home page. We will confirm that you have the right recipe selected. Your plant is looking very healthy, great work thus far! Below is a tutorial on “topping” your plant which is your first “big” training procedure (hint: it is wildly simple). You will want to complete this once your plant has a well established fifth node. Good luck with this grow, enjoy every step! It is an incredible experience.



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Looks like a very healthy beauty! Welcome aboard!


Does this help?


Looks like you picked the Photoperiod one! Good stuff. You should be all set!

Your plant is looking good, too!


Appreciate the feed back.