New Video! Weed Butter w Levo 2

Hey Growers!

Want to make some cookies for the holidaze? Check out our new video on making cannabutter with the Levo 2!

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Cool and informative video! As an owner of the Magical Butter 2 machine I have been wondering about the Levo 2. I do like how it can decarb and infuse all in one machine. I use the Ardent Nova for decarbing and the Magical Butter 2 for oil, butter, and alcohol infusions.

How’s the cleanup of the device? Any idea what the potency of the infusion is? mg/ml?
I use the TCheck 2 potency tester. I like it a lot!


Cleanup is 9 out of 10. One part is prone to break but otherwise solid unit.


Do you use the dosing chamber or the potency hack? How much herb can you get into that small dosing chamber?

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I use the dosing chamber. We prefer coconut oil but butter works good. Very easy to clean. The potency pack has a rubber/metal back to it. It will eventually break as its rubber.
We make double batches at a time and i dont typically use the dry mode just activate and infuse.

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Have you ever tested concentration from oil or the levo with your recommended 28g of mix. We figure our chocolates have ranged from 2 to 5 g worth per square depending on whats used.

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Hey @miami5th & @Todd.grobo,

Great questions and answers! We do have a MBM and I may do a video about that too. Any interest in a comparison with results being sent to the lab for a test? Would have to do a budget check as testing is super expensive, but might be worth it eh?


PS - Black market vs Grobo cannabinoids coming up next. :wink:


Pricey ive heard. Personally id like a number to quote as an average based on, but would never have the means or money to check. However i am very interested and suspect @Bplatinum9 might be too.


For those of us in Canada, I’ve heard some good things about this company: Potency Analyses for Flower and Extracts (THC%, CBD%, Terpenes) — Canvas Labs - Craft Cannabis Testing

Haven’t used them yet personally and not sure if there are others out there. This one came up in a similar thread elsewhere.


30 bucks not bad. What we think they do and what they do are probably very different. I have a vision of a dude who keeps opening mail and smoking it with a desk full of munchies lol.

@Stephen Yes! I would really like to see a comparison test between Levo and MBM! Use the same amount of base flower and infusion material and test the potency! Which device infuses better?

Afterwards, crank it up a notch and perform a quality comparison of Grobo grown cannabis vs. black market vs. retail cannabis using the same strain. The idea here is to empirically prove that the hydroponic automated Grobo can produce higher quality cannabis than black market or retail options.


Love it, great feedback!


If you go on YouTube, I saw last night a woman compares 4 different models and explains how some like MB can leave sediment and chlorophyl in them due to how it grinds it all up and Levo 2 does not. They even showed the actual butters made and how the Levo 2 looks more clearer and not an off tint like MB or even greenish tint. It was kinda funny as she kept dropping :rofl: the butters when trying to show them to the camera.