New tent grow

On the left is Gelato, white widow on the right. I’ve also got 2 tubs of mushrooms going in the same tent down below. The gelato got a little light burn early on but I’ve got that fixed. Also, the first white widow seed was a dud which is why the right plant looks smaller. They are about 7 days different.


Gelato is one of my favorite stains. Your going to love it

Here is the last one I grew


So pretty looking! I’m excited.


Did a water change today. Decided not to add nutes, just hydroguard and blackzym for the roots. Left taproot is through the net pot already and the right isn’t far behind. Next water change will be calmag as well as the floragrow series. Also purchased an EC meter. Curious…how often does everyone check ph and EC throughout the week?


I check mine close to daily but I have the time and enjoy it.

I think it depends on how the plants look. If they look off balance I would check daily but if they look good I wouldn’t be scared to not check for a few days.


So I topped the one on the left, probably early but I’m not worried. She’s been growing well even with the light burn early on so I think she’ll recover nicely.


It the picture above was 3 days ago I think I would agree a bit early to top but like you said I’m sure she will be fine :+1: