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Is it better to have inline fans in or out of tent?

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I have mine outside of the tent… I did it that way to save space but don’t think it matters either way

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As promised here is pictures of my plants at day 21 of flower. As you will see they are very bushy.

Later today I will post pictures of how they look after the trim


This is awesome, I just signed in to post my setup as well! Yours looks awesome and I can’t wait to see results!!
Here is my grow! I was actually pretty impressed by my yield considering one plant! that’s a big mixing bowl and when it was done I got 6 tall mason jars full. It’s still not completely dry however, I have a dry basement and my grow dries fast in my air dryer! My bud was really quite dense so that made me happy.
So here is my HLG 600 and I put my fans out of tent and put 4 small usb fans aiming down on light and another one going across top! I can put my hand on it and it just warm at most. Have fans pitched towards the side where I put my inline fan outside of tent. Then the other one from the top on other side. I also have my dehumidifier hooked up but that’s later. But closed tent for an hour and put lights on max and I’m running 76 degrees! I’m happy, so here is my new purple haze and I hope these seeds take. I had an issue before with seeds and going through a lot by trying new things so, I’m going back to old way. Lights are at 48in. now (which I hope is ok?) Then I figured plant will grow into scrog and I might not have to adjust light at all? We’ll see. Ok here are my pictures.


But yeah your grow is pretty amazing! How many sq ft. Is it? I noticed you got some things plugged in and hanging? Are those just some fancy air temperature gauge? But bravo my friend that looks awesome!!! :thinking::+1::point_left:

BTW first successful grow in my 4x4 with the other lights, but still happy to see what’s coming next!!! :sunglasses:


Congratulations nice setup!! Buds look yummy also.

I do have some comments on your grow and upset (tomorrow I will reply).

Bring on the light!!!


That’s amazing! So cut off a majority of fan leaves and just left a few! Hmm I usually do the scrog and just chop off everything below net but I still leave the fan leaves that are on netting alone. Makes me wonder if I should cut those off as well? But thanks and I’m looking forward to reading more! I have to imagine that is quite a project you just did! Peace and Looking forward to hearing what your mad about! Thanks for posting and helpin a brother out!


My current tent is a 4 by 8 but I only use 4 x 4 space for growing… I like having the extra room to add controls plus its nice to be able to walk inside your tent…

My main controls are Trolmaster

Before I added my controls (I using trolmaster) all my grows ran 75 to 78 for temp… I did it that was because I had no other options…

With a open mind don’t look at heat like a problem look at it how can I use and recover heat.

I’m going to tell you what I’m doing…

How to Use Heat

I’m using controls for temp… Temp reaches 91 in my tent Trol master will turn on my exhaust fan / disable Co2 / turn on fresh air intake fan. All automatic

Note all my fans have carbon filters on them

Remember heat will make the plant work harder and grow faster running mid 75 to 78 I found my plants we smaller and tighter together… (harder to get light on the buds like this)

Low 80’s seems to be a great temp to run with no Co2 added… You see on my plants how the buds are far apart the heat did that to them

Recover heat Loss

That extra heat that I paid for to make I dump into my house (when exhausting)… I keep my carbon filters fresh I get no smell in my house…

I would only do what I did if your plant look 100% healthy… I stressed the plants hard doing this… Weak plant could take a turn for the worse… But I strong plant will recover and get you use nice big buds it’s a risk but worth it in my eyes…

I will keep you updated on how it turns out (good or bad)

It has been and still is… My biggest problem is I bought things 2 to 3 times because I didn’t buy the right tools the first time… ;-(

Not mad at anything just give you some things to think about… Not sure what level you want your tent at but I thought I would see if your ready to go to the next level with automatic controls… If you seen my tent it looks like mission control center now…lol

I don’t recommend you add Co2 at this time… Co2 is only good if you have temps / RH and feed mastered… And I can tell you from first hand experience it isn’t easy to keep your VPD inline when you don’t want to exhaust… I’m very close to having all my controls dialed in now with use of Co2 but still not 100% there yet but close…

Biggest thing is don’t rush and buy things like I did… Research and ask people if not you will be like me and @Bplatinum9 buying many thing more than once…

My problem was I didn’t realize at first what I wanted… But now I do (this mistake cost me alot of $$$)… My current upset is way more advanced / automated than a Grobo unit and I’m in full control from anywhere in the world…

I’ll bring this up because I see your set up and you’re close to there it looks great so far


Thanks, this is what I’m upgraded to and space doesn’t allow me anymore room so this is what I’m working with! I’m really now just looking for good solid temps in the 76-low 80s. I haven’t used my current RDWC yet since I’ve build it and that has a ph doser and water chiller as well which I’ll set at 68 and ph at 5.8. I dropped down my plant to 42 inches above canopy now. I put my seeds in last Friday and they just have a little sprout that hasn’t grown in like 5 days? Why do I have so many issues with this. I think I’ll put a new 2 seeds in water for a day till it sprouts then cut open a roto rooter and place seed in there and sit it in water! My height should be fine with light? I don’t get it? I was thinking that the seed was more in middle this time and water might of covered seed for a bit while giving more water? IDK?
Looks like what you have going on is pretty cool but I just don’t have room and I’m probably going to have this setup for quite awhile! I was wondering about CO2 as well so thanks for clearing that up as well! But for the space that I have your setup is going to have to be down the line. I would still like to see your grow though and keep me posted and like wise with me. Be interesting to see how yours comes out and what I can learn from this!
Oh one last thing I read somewhere that the size of bucket determines size of plant but if I just grew what I did in a 4 gallon bucket will I really notice that much of a size difference if I go to my 8 gallon buckets? I’m thinking no because roots weren’t bound to bucket yet and plant filled out pretty good?


I believe the size of the bucket matters more when using soil as your medium.
I also think you should try another seed breeder/company other than ILGM if you haven’t already.
Like @Mpower11 suggeste, take your time with upgrades and ask as many questions as possible because there is always something better on the forefront, so stay in the now.
P.s looks like you can benefit from the new Grobo Start just hitting the market. The New Grobo Start - #6 by Bplatinum9 - Share Your Grow - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more


What do you mean by “sit in water”?

Do you mean your rooter is damp or siting in water?

I drop in water until they sink. Then I put them in damp rapid rooter

I’m spoiled I have a par meter and set my lights based on strength. For seedlings I say around 75 to 125 on my par meter for 7 to 10 days then I kick them up a bit

Bobbie is correct about pot sizes with soil.

Start very small work your way up

In Hydro start small stay small

Note I’m not saying what your doing is wrong I’m just saying what works for me

Day 23

Recovering and praying again to the bud gods


Reading about recommendations about height on plant during germination and I get this.

How high above plants do I hang the HLG 600?

You should hang the HLG 600 grow light 34 inches above the canopy for cannabis seedlings; 28 to 30 inches above the canopy during the vegetative phase, and 22 to 24 inches above the canopy during flowering

To me that seems hot? Are they talking full power? I thought you weren’t supposed to stress a young seed? I got two more seeds in reverse osmosis water for a day or until they drop! Usually 24 hours cut open a roto rooter and put in with stem down close to top and cover top hole! I (try) Sprout it with some 5.5ph osmosis water with a little b vitamin from clone x. You know just a little at bottom but for some reason my seeds don’t sprout? Don’t get it? Never had these issues before? New tent and light but how hard can it be? My last seed sprouted so small and that was it? Never grew? All I did was put seed straight into rock wool like in picture and that’s all I got? I don’t know if I drowned the thing or if ph was off?


See I need a par meter! Damn those things are pricey! You have a hlg600? If so what how much power and height are you at if you don’t mind me asking? For germination of course.

This is where I got my info

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I know this isn’t much help but I more or less follow this guide with my Par meter for lighting…

I don’t guess sorry

Generally speaking here are the correct light levels for each stage:

  • Seedlings or clones which are newly sprouted or planted: 100 umols/ms PPFD +/- 20
  • Rooted clones/young veg plants: 250 umols/ms PPFD +/- 50
  • Vigorous veg plants: 350 umols/ms PPFD +/- 50
  • Reproductive/flowering plants (not using supplemental CO2): 750 umols/ms PPFD +/- 100
  • Reproductive/flowering plants (supplemental CO2 of 1200ppm+): 1000 umols/ms +/1 100

Maybe I need to pictures / better understanding to better understand your germination setup (after the seed as sprouted). How it get watered / how often… What if anything are you feeding it?

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Well this time around I’m not using rock wool I’m using roto rooters but I just put them in a little jar of ph balanced water wait till they sink or show root in a day.

Then I’ll cut and put seed inside and then put in bowl with 5.5ph reverse osmosis water with a b vitamin, in tent of course, then with the right height of light I hope they become small seedlings. I put enough water in to cover bottom 1/4-1/2in and just top it off by watching it.

I then would transfer that seed once I see some roots to the small bucket like this and fill this bucket up and start my GH flora series schedule week 1. I do this for 2 weeks then move to My rdwc setup. I do it this way because roots are not big enough to reach water levels in 8 gallon so I fill up the 4 gallon bucket and get the roots bigger there first, then I move the 8 gallon. Saves on water and chemicals this way. I hope this helps! My issue is just figuring the height I should go with but your going off values that you need one of these meters to really understand. I have a feeling I will end up with one sooner than later but I can’t right now!

Here is a video that I was looking at 8 mins in he starts talking values but what I showed you just before in this link said different and gave all different values and this setup in This video is for a 4x4 tent just like mine, so I figure I would follow this?

The 600h is just not built with slight differences, so please check out video after 8 mins and your opinion would be great!

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Seeds already sank so In tent they go!

I’m at 42in? In video the guy said 48in in height on chart it says 36. I’ll split the difference and try 42 and keep an eye on water levels! Hope goes well. :thinking:

There was no root on seeds yet but both sank!

Btw I wish they specified more on lights in instructions! I know every tent is different but they can put charts with different tent sizes and distances you would think? Wish there was little more there! Oh well, thanks for you guys👍

Btw, btw… I also reached out to HGL and asked for recommended heights for my tent yesterday and see if they reach out.
I don’t like guessing at this but I just can’t afford 500 more dollars before holidays.

Update: I just heard that 40 in for my tent for veg ! Cool

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There they are!!!

Good girls!!! :sunglasses:

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Overall sounds like your doing everything correct.

I use a dome over my seedlings to help germ. Pot size sounds big for RDWC setup but I don’t have any experience with the type of system your running so I maybe wrong

Looks like a nice start so far

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Every time I used a dome I killed my seeds! Veto the dome I say!!