New schedule for me

Tell you what though, you might not be able to see them but come day 21 when I do my heavy trim my buds are everywhere! I got crazy bud sites and look forward to trimming! You will see! :sunglasses::+1:


So here is what I am planning. Take these size leafs off throughout the whole plant and everything underneath gone! Ok I’m going to need Tylenol some Grateful Dead and a good pair of scissors!


Yes that looks what I would do if it was my plants.

Good luck it’s a job


Oh my god I’m spent and sore, more Tylenol!
So here are the before and after pics. I left a few bigger leaves in back right again but oh well but look at these Buds Glorious Buds oh how much I like it!!!



I’ll show more pics once a week to show growth and of course for my fellow growers!!!


I guess now we shall see how this light does

OH By the way my pump is screwed and my new one arrives tomorrow! 50 bucks I got it for out of door!


Looks good I feel your pain!!

That’s isn’t a bad price at all for that pump.


I got the pump at a place called Grow Generation if anyone is looking for stuff! I was kind of Leary but hopefully it works good! I was tempted to install it today but I figured Since I just changed water and full I could run into issues, so I’ll wait till next water change to be safe!

10:00 am and plants looking good after yesterday!


So I’m impatient and I changed my pump to figure out that my lines must have roots clogged in them! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: my other pump was actually ok.

700gph hooked up and it looks like it’s laboring! Should I turn it off? The problem is before the pump obviously so does it matter? I turned my pump on my chiller on but not the chiller to at least mix nutrients to get to plants instead of settling in reservoir

I’m getting new tubing and going to switch that out next water change. Just for the return line!!
Seriously if I don’t clean out lines it kind of defeats the purpose of system! Plus this is probably what gave me issues to begin with! So, Crap! I think that’s why I bought these and didn’t put them in ! :man_facepalming:

Maybe I’ll do something stupid and crazy glue a screen on inside of bucket during water change!


I agree this could be where your problems where coming from…

Clean out or replace lines… Maybe you can add a filter screen somehow to keep the lines clean


I should keep the pump on right?

It’s at least moving some around!


It’s always nice to have a spare pump it needed but if the old one works after the lines are clear may not be needed.


So I think I might get this

I can prop this up beside bucket then and be good! Hopefully


I was thinking about the same idea just remember it would be a bit of a experiment because it will reduce your flow plus I’m thinking at some point you will have to clean these screens


Thinking of making a screen box that just sits in front of outlet.


Good idea


Built and installed today!




My new and improved outtake hose 2.0 Now with valves! So now if anything happens I can just shut things off if needed! For what who knows it works good now and the new motor was so overkill! Oh well I put my old pump back on and the thing works like a charm! I even had to dial back my pump a little and that’s a 250gph! Oh well but I also read that I shouldn’t do anymore taking off of leaves. Is that true I haven’t and probably would like to do a trim.

:sunglasses::guitar: back in action


look good yes I agree with you plants still look a bit on the bushy side. I think on day 21 you could have pulled more fan leafs…

Normal I don’t remove anymore fan leafs but maybe you could remove a few big ones… What week are you in flower now?


Monday was start of week 5 and I plan on repeating week six possibly 2 weeks to accommodate for grow time of plant. I usually extend on this week right?
I figured I should of pulled more off on day 21 as well!

So I did some research and decided to go with a 5.00 Korona app for par readings on iPhone! I figured 500 dollars or 5? I know you probably get what you pay for but right now this will do!

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So I took some leaves off. Here’s a few pics. Not to crazy