New Rookie Grow any help pls?

I’m new to grobo were im germinating my seeds now when planted in my grobo Whats the basic info I need to make sure everything correct like ph levels temp etc? @SWSVIC


Yo, No Lie… I Put The Seed In…
Covered The Top With A Piece Of The Pod.
And Let It Go… Don’t Worry About It Too Much.
Read Peoples Threads, Learn From Their Mistakes.
Take Their Advice, You’ll Be Good!!


Good morning, @Dank_Of_America_420! I am growing my first too! Bruce Banner v2. He’s version 2 because I was anxious to see if the seed popped, so I picked him up with some tweezers out of the coco pod and broke him. So, this is attempt number two! This time, I follow the advice of the growers here and post pics, so they can guide me. Bruce is doing great thus far. I just posted an update today since it was water change day. Good luck with your grow!!! :raised_hands::rofl::crazy_face::seedling:


Welcome aboard @Dank_Of_America_420,

Everyone germinates differently but the basic concept of grobo is to plant your seed and let the box do the work.
Others germinate in a cup of water or a papertowel until the seed pops then place in grobo.
Like @HappyHappyJoyJoy, & @KleanRipz mentioned we are here to help but its important to familiarize yourself with the forum, spend a bit of time reading post if possible, most questions have been asked and answered already, just in case we take too long to answer, you can still find the answers here with a little foot work!
Keep asking questions along the way and everyone has their own style so experimenting will be necessary at times.
Good luck and when in doubt post pictures! :eyes::seedling:
Here are some tips to get you started…


Much appreciated! Thanks for the feedback…


Thank you… yeah I been researching like crazy! Didn’t see find the basic stats of how your grobo box temperature and ph level water temp etc to make sure u starting off in proper climate… I been seeing alot post on how sometimes inside the grow might be lil to hot and the water for the roots get to warm creates problems etc just want make sure its done correctly when starting and knowing stats to make sure my grow dont change if it does ill know if its good or not… sorry for the whole essay I might just be over studying and thinking trying make my first grobo as perfect as possible smh thanks for your time and help loving this new community peace and love! Im just a cancer survivor u still deals with medical issues and chronic nerve pain… trying grow my own meds when I need this flower to keep me fighting and living! #cannabissavedmylife :muscle:t3:


I posted the info somewhere around here but let me see what I can find in my notes!


Much appreciated platinum! :pray::dash:


Whats up platinum when do u start lollipopping? And topping your plant after 4 nodes or?


Trying get as much notes in and learn as much before get my grobo tech in much appreciated :pray:


Also I here alot of damping out? I need purchase a lil mini fan for extra air support as well helping coco pod not stay as wet…

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I keep hearing people talking about they have to recalibrate there grobo do to sensor issues when growing etc… when I receive my grobo what should I do to calibrate it correctly so I won’t have any problems

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Another thing B! I keep see people talking about after a new grobo starting there first grow get into calibration issues etc… sometimes they have to recalibrate when purchased so won’t have ant issues? I’m confused does that have to do with the ph sensors how do I recalibrate the grobo?

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Take your time please if answering if possible! Just came out the hospital trying grow my own meds for medical issues and chronic pain all help much needed and appreciated…

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Calibration is easy and is done via the app under the Maintenence section. I did not calibrate and kinda thought it should come ready to go. Within a few days my bottle 2 was almost half gone.

I would certainly calibrate when you get the Grobo and then at a minimum, before each new grow.

Best to get the kit from the website and an extra set of nutrients so your never in a scramble to get them during a grow.



Good call.

We have been asking Grobo to add calibration solutions and also directions to do so in the set up, as it is typically needed.

It makes me wonder if they just had a bunch of units sitting in stock waiting to be shipped out and they are all sitting there losing calibration in the warehouse or something because of the amount of time that has passed from manufacture until it arrives at someone’s door… just speculation though.

Either that, or it could be a bad batch of probes that were incorrectly calibrated or are somewhat faulty.

Grobo said that my pH readings were all in correct range but I did a calibration check with the 7.0 and 4.0 solutions and it failed the health check about a week ago. It also goes to show that just because things look good on Grobo’s end it doesn’t mean your probe is actually reading the right values.

I’ve had 3 Calibrations in the past 5 months, each time I did it my probe failed the health check; did one 12 days in to my first grow… check failed. Did one at the start of this plant about 2 months later, check failed… and just did one last week, check failed.


Mine did come with one packet of the 7 and one of the 4 but no indication that I should calibrate. I guess this is sent along so if something goes wrong and you call support, you have the tools to at least do one calibration on your own. Then I feel it is important to order more calibration solution and nutrients right away.

The consumables is a big part of the Grobo business model. Has anyone done any cost/benefit analysis with a single, complete grow as to home much money it costs to run a grow from start to finish.

Some, like me see this a way to experiment with growing their own medicine but in the end, it has to make financial sense - right?

Then again I can see it as a hobby too and we all know how much cash we can easily throw at hobbies.


That’s good to know yours came with the solutions. Mine did not, so it’s good to see they started addressing that!

I haven’t kept track but from the initial investment of the Grobo itself, the support racks, extra nutrients, extra pods, electricity costs, distilled water, seeds, and not to mention all the extras like humidifier and dehumidifier, magnetic hooks, etc… I don’t feel like I’ll ever really recover from what I’ve spent to be honest considering most grows are 1-2 oz, and even that costs extra money to harvest properly and cure, such as buying scissors to trim, jars to hold them, boveda or boost packs, hygrometers, and then spending $$ to extract your trim and sugar leaves (need butter or oil, need energy costs on the stove, or buying separate machines to extract like the LEVO etc)

Any failed plants along the way are considered money down the drain too, even if the plant fails you are still paying for nutrients, electricity, water, seeds, etc.

Definitely more of a hobby.

If someone wants a true ROI they would have to invest in a grow tent that can handle more than one plant, or at the very least a single plant that can yield more than 1 oz.

Even if you end up getting a RO filter or a water distiller, they both cost money to purchase, and maintain, or even energy costs to run as well in the case of a distiller, and also the water from your tap which isn’t free.

If I got 1 oz off my plant, that’s a street value of $250 - $300 or potentially upwards of $480 if you’re talking dispensary prices around here.

$480 for one ounce, but then you gotta subtract the seed itself, the water used, electricity cost, and nutrients, so right there we’re already lowering the return in investment. If we go by the street value prices that’s even lower of a ROI… basically 4 months for $150 probably. $150 isn’t even 1 / 10th of what the Grobo costs alone without any extras that most of us buy.

If you get 2 oz or more, still great but again it’s not even coming close to a return yet.

Love my Grobo, but this is just being realistic.

Cocopod: $3 per pod, first one included with purchase…
Seed: $10-20 per seed, shipping cost not included.
Energy: $5 a month, $20 per plant (estimated, probably higher or lower depending on energy rates)
Water: $40-60 if buying distilled from the store… Even more cost involved if buying own distiller or RO filter
Nutrients: First grow includes a set of nutes, but most will still need another set. Any subsequent grows will need two sets of #3, #4, #5 at the least. So $45-75 or more per grow when you include the $15 shipping cost. Not including the cost for extra #1 and #2 but you will eventually need new ones of these too.

So a rough estimate without thinking too hard into it for bare minimum grow in the Grobo costs typically at the least $115 or potentially upwards of $178 per plant.

Rough estimates. I went by the Grobo recommended Energy costs because they don’t give actual values only an estimate, and I went by a rough amount of distilled water at my typical price, and also the prices of the two types of seeds I’ve purchased.

This does not account for Hydroguard, any extra nutrient additives like Armor Si, Big Bud, Overdrive, Flawless Finish etc, any climate control devices, any hygrometers or water thermometers, scissors, jeweler’s loupe, etc etc etc.

So if you did a grow every 4 months, 3 grows a year… It’s safe to assume you’ll be adding $345 - $534 a year on top of the initial price without any extras at all.

These numbers increase if you’re growing a plant that takes longer than 4 months as I’ve seen many people who have had grows that last 5 months or sometimes even 6. Just because a plant takes longer in the Grobo doesn’t mean your yield will be any larger than a plant that finishes faster due to the size of the box and strength of the LED. The values might be a little lower if you’re growing an auto since they can typically finish faster, but that’s still not a guarantee the plant will be ready any sooner than 3-4 months.


Yep! You got it!
I try to top between the 4th & 5th node, which is usually around day 20 - 30 in late vegetation stage.
Lollipoping , is done in transition stage usually a week before flower if I remember correctly. :eyes::seedling:


I usually only use my inside mini fans in the summer when needed!
You can prevent dampening off by properly squeezing your coco pod out before planting after soaked.
Remember to clean unit thoroughly before starting each grow along with calibrating and checking to make sure water sensors are in place.
Calibrating before each grow should be the norm! :eyes::seedling:
My advice is not to over think it and have fun or youll end up being the reason your grow doesn’t work, most people over do things and add things as precautions when not necessary.
If you ever worry that your doing sonething wrong then dont hesitate to ask before each step you take!
I’m usually around to message and we have seven other champions that you can access anytime your feeling unsure along with customer support.
I would be happy to walk you through startup if you have questions. We are all here for you and want to watch you grow! :eyes::seedling:
I could throw a lot of jargon at you but let’s keep it simple by approaching it step by step!
1st step: Make sure you have blue lab calibrating solution 4.0 & 7.0 along with storage solution.
2nd step: purchase a blue lab ph pen
3rd step: purchase an aquarium thermometer to stick on the wall and track grobo temps.
4th step: purchase measuring spoons, trim bin for cutting up harvest, fisker shears, vinegar to clean grobo reservoir after each grow, alcohol to clean shears & scuffs off grobo, mini fans, & hygrometer.
5th step: pick out perfect spot for grobo away from wall so it can breath properly without overheating.
Now just wait for delivery and let us know when your ready to start!