New on the block 👋🏻 My First Grow, any advice would be nice 😊 (Peyote Gorilla)

Hi Guys, new to the growing so any help or positive feedback would be appreciated.

I planted my seed 25 days ago using tap water (before you start yes I know lol) had problems with the Grobo disconnecting from the Wifi 3 or 4 times and had to move the Grobo twice :see_no_evil: My distiller has now arrived so next water change will be distilled water.

I feel my plant is a bit small but she seems to look alright. Got Grobo support to check everything and they say she is alright but would like other views as well please?

Please see photos I’ve just taken below.


Hi @TheBeardOfGold, do you know what’s the environment in your Grobo like (temp, water temp, humidity)? Your coco pod may be getting too wet. You might want to gently push the coco pod a bit higher.


Hi mate, I have no idea. I thought the Grobo did all that?

I have pushed my pod up a little and put distilled water in today too. Maybe I’ll see a change in the next day or so.



The Grobo does monitor humidity, temperature, and possibly water temp (Not 100% on that last one) but the data isn’t available to us. They do not notify you as of yet when these are at a dangerous range for Cannabis health (But there are plans to add notifications soon)

Since Grobo said everything looked okay, it’s hard to pinpoint what the problem might be and I would imagine they looked at all the data including the above mentioned indicators. How much of your Bottle #1 and Bottle #2 are used to this point? I wonder if the pH probe isn’t calibrated right but looks okay on Grobo’s end, but in reality it’s not right?? Idk.

Tap water can be risky because although the pH might be okay, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be harmful metals or other chemicals like chlorine at high levels etc in your water… some places in the US have better water than others, but tbh all of it is pretty bad in 2020. That could be hurting your plant. It’s not recommended for that reason.

I agree with pushing the pod up a bit if it seems too wet, however, I would be scared of crushing the roots, as you can see they are popping out the sides near where the pod would be pushed up and might break them? I have this problem currently too so Idk the right answer for it. Your pod doesn’t look too oversaturated from the pic and the stalk looks fine to me at the moment… my last grow however, it seemed like the pod stayed wet for like 3 weeks so I had to move it up and use paper towels to get it to dry out, I had a blemish on my stalk that could have been caused by it, not sure though.

I want to believe that if you slide the pod up carefully the roots will just push in and will slide up with the pod, but it scares me. My taproot currently looks like this, and I really want to move the pod up a little further but I’m too worried ill break the root off.


I have same root situation:

However I was able to get my cocopod up a little higher to be safe


Nice one, I live in the UK so the water is a lot better to be fair. I’ve used a lot of bottle 2 because I used tap water though to get the PH back down. I have pushed it up a little but don’t want to risk pushing it up anymore. I’m hoping the top dries out a little today. This is what Grobo said:


Ah okay, thanks for posting all the extra info.

Hmm… so yeah… I see bubble in your res… so it’s not that…

I mean, your plant is alive and I really wanna say that since yesterday it’s looking healthier already. The brown is just concerning of course, and it’s kinda behind schedule in growth as far as in comparison to some other grows… I think a switch to distilled will help for sure. But alas, it’s still alive and kicking… we aren’t the ones who can truly tell the plant how to grow, that’s up to the environment and genetics!

What I was doing with my pod was some really diligent patting with paper towels to get excess moisture from the pod… I figured at the very least it would be better than nothing… This took a lot of time though and I did it many times throughout a period of a week or two, off and on… Wasn’t every single day but very frequently. I kept thinking it was good enough and was drying out then check it at a later point and realize it was still wet enough to leave moisture on my fingers pretty instantly, so I would try again…

My stalk actually had a hole bored into it and I could see inside it, like a hole in a tree almost where animals would live haha (in my head thats what it reminded me of)

It started as some discoloration, when I peeled the outer skin off I noticed there was an actual hole there… I don’t know what caused it but my pod was really wet for weeks.


Were you getting a lot of Gnats? I think their lava eat the roots but don’t quote me on that.


I had some here and there, one of my wife’s houseplants was infested really bad and it was bringing a lot of company over to the Grobo. Once we got rid of the plant, I noticed way less.

This new grow I have, I’ve killed a few in there and have about 6 dead on my fly trap inside. For some reason they really really love wet cocopods/light above…

That might be a possible reason why I had a hole in my stalk but I really don’t think so… they don’t eat the stalk itself as far as I know. I still think it was some decay/rot starting that I caught in time possibly… idk. I can’t find anything on the internet that confirms why there was a hole in my stalk. The only other thing similar on the internet was stories of bugs that bore holes and then a worm that lives inside the Cannabis plant, but I really don’t think that was the case either.

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The lava live in the top end of the pod so when its wet and warm they hatch. I’ve had a few but now I’ve pushed the pod up I’m hoping the top of the pod drys out. If not getting some DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and putting on the top of the pod.

My plant has doubled since putting distilled water in and pushing pod up a little.

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I’m in the same boat m8 :wink: a little late but I’ve just added 8ml of Hydroguard over 2 days
(Like Rocking Horse :poop:!:rofl:!)…

Good luck :wink:

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