New Grow Question

So I ended my grow My girl died…

My next grow is an Auto Seed I got as a freebie Its called Dark Purple. Its a hybrid of OG Kush and Purple Kush I was looking through the Auto recipes but there is no generic auto recipe. The Auto for OG Kush is 75 days the Auto for purple is 5 days but when I looked up this strain it said 55 days. Which one should I choose??

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There should be an auto generic recipe-

I looked I did not t see one.


Generic Generic 71 Cannabis

Cannabis - Auto - Generic Generic 71

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I checked it’s missing but there are two generic Indicas or Sativias forget off hand which checked yesterday, my guess one of them got mislabeled when generating a recent update.

Or just don’t run autos


The Generic Auto Hybrid recipe is your best bet. Sorry if it’s not clear to find. Any recipe with an A in the bottom right corner is an Auto