New Grobo gear 🤩

I bit :rofl:


Looks cool, any particular reason on peat vs coco for starting seed?


Awesome idea! Excited to check it out!


Seems pretty cool. Now you can start a seedling ahead of time while your Grobo is finishing it’s current grow/in dry mode and then once you clean/have it ready for the next, you’ll have a nice head start for the new plant.

Sadly, a Black Friday deal is not a deal if you weren’t planning on spending money in the first place :wink:


Awesome question @bcavalieri - The reason is more about manufacturing than growth in this case. They both work well for growing your plant.

The Coco Pods are supplied wet and it’s a big process for us to dry and pack them. The Peat Pods are supplied dry and they can be pre-packaged for us which is super helpful as we sell more and more of them every month!


Ok. So you save 4 weeks because you can start your seeds for a month in the Start while another grow is finishing in the Grobo?


Yes that is the idea

@bjorn @Stephen Here is a question

I have built something along the same lines (same concept). One of the problems I found with mine is after 2 to 3 weeks the root ball gets big and it hard to remove from the tray (plug hole) without damaging the roots. Does your design have this problem?

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@bjorn @Stephen

Would I be correct saying there is no automation to this starter unit… (meaning Ph and Nutes).

Now of course the lights are auto but that’s about it correct?

Also can you share what LED wattage and spec?

It does use nutes, not sure about the ph though.

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Yes manual added from what I see which is fine. I’m asking the question because if I buy one I just want to confirm what I’m getting… Website site is lacking full specs (unless I missed it)

@Mpower11 Awesome questions!

  1. Does the root ball get stuck? No, we haven’t had that issue yet. That’s one of the reason the cover for the peat pod is so wide. It gives you more space to pull the plants out to transplant.

  2. Correct - there is no automation or nutrient dosing. The system will come with nutrient sachets for easy dosing every time you change water. They’re all pre-measured for the tank.

  3. LED - They are 8 Watts and there are 40 LEDs in the light.

You’re totally right some specs are still missing. We’ve got a few videos on their way but they just missed BFCM. More will come out shortly!

Here’s a sneak peak at another grow in the system. The node spacing was SUPER tight on this one:


Looking forward to the video and Grobo’s recommendation of how to use before I buy.


Can this be used for things like micro greens? Would be nice to be able to leverage this outside of just the 4 week start before grow. I ordered one of these to support my 2 Grobos.

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Thank you for the info I’m going to retire my homemade system and replace with this one :+1:

Off to the shopping cart


Yup for sure it can! We’ve grown kale in it already for testing and have started to grow some other herbs as well.


I’m in for one also :slight_smile:


I bought one @bjorn. I like the idea of being able to shave some time off of the growing cycles. The only issue I have is that this step will add to the cost of a grow. I understand that you have a business to run but the high volume growers need some kickbacks to help lower the cost. The higher your costs go, the more appealing a tent becomes. I suggest a subscription model where the users get a “dashboard” of sorts which lets them geek and adjust recipes where desired and get a full suite of fun digital tools to play with. They would also get significant discounts on product from your store. I would also consider partnering with a seed producer, add a link on your site and of course get a cut of every purchase. This additional revenue will hopefully lower your costs and in turn ours. Sorry, it’s the business man in me, can’t help it. Just want you guys to succeed!