Need to push the coco pod through for extra space. The hole is coned shaped and it’s very difficult. Any ideas?

I’m still green myself but that’s a new 1 on me :flushed:!!

Suppose it’s not that important at that late stage to what just sounds like Drowing the poor thing but if Simon says" :metal::wink:

Too late to Bend/Tie-down yeah :thinking:??..


Yes it’s important. The vegetative growth rate during budding stage will cause the plant it to touch the light source and will ultimately burn. By pushing the coco pod down into the reservoir it’ll give me 4/5 of extra space.

I too thought by pushing it into the reservoir it would cause the crown to get some sort of infection. I’ll have to try and see.


I had to do that. Don’t push it all the way through. Push it down a few inches. Don’t want light getting into resevoir. @NYS


Well bugger me :flushed:!:rofl:!

I spend most of the time keeping her bed nice n dry & then if her boots get a little tight I drown the poor bugger in her last few days :upside_down_face::flushed:!:exploding_head:!:rofl:!..

Good luck anyway bud :fist_right:


Why do I want to make sure light doesn’t reflect on the water?

Light is very bad for roots.


Well pushing the pad through is the suggestion from grobo support.

Yes a couple inches, not all the way through is all.

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They told me all the way. Otherwise I’ll burn the tops. Have you seen any supercropping done by a Grobo user?

Yes, I know you aren’t a fan of the Grobo but you have to realize cannabis plants can grow over 20 feet tall and get 20 feet wide, I’ve seen them. This means there is a lot of work to be done to fit it in a 1 foot by 3 foot box. I trim the hell out of the plants, tie down branches from the start and sometimes flip to flower early to prevent too much veg growth.

At your point in the grow, the most veteran grower would be challenged to make the best of that situation. Super cropping could have helped but too late IMO. The small space the grobo has needs a lot more attention than soil, no argument here.

I am about to harvest and it did take me time to learn so understand the frustration. I just want everyone to have at least one great harvest before they give up on the Grobo. To each his own fellow grower!

Harvesting day for me today!


I agree dude. I’ve had Jack H plants 15 ft in height. I’ve grown cannabis for many many years yet this machine is a challenge. I think what gets me irked is the amount of money this costs. I just expect more of a smooth grow sans the worry. The recipe and the photo/dark period part needs work imo. Your plant looks nice. Enjoy the high.



I’ll try & add some :mag_right: Shots later :wink:

Still early days I know but well chuffed atm though I must admit :+1:!:blush:!:pray:!


Ripped out the plant because it was now 2 inches from light. The “geniuses” at support and Stephen suggested things to do that were impossible. I’ve emailed them all day yesterday to help and no response.
This machine is going into the garage to collect dust or going to trash. Either or I’ll never use this piece of crap again.

Sorry to hear you gave up on your plant. Super cropping could have probably saved you. Could have also harvested what you could and cut away anything that ended up touching the light and got burnt instead of throwing all your work in the trash. I also wouldn’t let one grow completely sour your experience. Is the grobo supposed to be completely “automated”? Not really. You’ll still need to stress the plant, trim, ect. Learn from your last grow and apply that knowledge to future ones.

There are plenty of others successfully growing. I get the frustration, but grand standing ain’t the way to go about it.


I’ve grown cannabis for over 25 years with immense success. Yes I’ve had failures but I overcame them. Grobo imo is garbage.

Let me know if you want me to pick up your - trash - another grower’s treasure :v:t3:


Ya cant please All The People…" :rofl::metal::seedling::seedling::seedling:


@Gmann your plant looks amazing :heart_eyes_cat:



Cheers :wink:!

Forth Attempt :roll_eyes:!

My faults if u wanna check back posts :flushed::sob::wink:

Just the learning curve that we ALL have to go through though I spose :roll_eyes:!!

But Finally @ the best part now & yeah lookin good :+1: :pray::rofl: